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    Yes they are and if you want to match that color get the mf ones. Makes it a lot easier. Mainly because you are wanting to match pearls with colors and they are not the same. If they were no one would need pearls.
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    Great info guys. Glad I searched chrome on here, as I just had the same issue. Sprayed a lure with chrome paint and it looked beautiful. Coating with etex lite and now I just have a silver lure. At least now I know it’s not something I messed up. Lol
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    http://www.rubbersheetroll.com/silicone_rubber.htm should be what you want
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    Really nice work , lots of fish coming your way !
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    Nice lures, I have been falling in love with Nail Arting lures, it's a bit of a pain but they do look good. I just got back from Vacation and I need to look mine over, I think I had some de-lamination. One thin is I was also trying to get away with just one top coat of e-tex but I think the pike are saying no.
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    Those look great Chuck! I really like the rainbow trout!!!!
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    Unlikely to have the same bounce off structure in my opinion.
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