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    If you need CAD work done, please send me a PM. I design a lot of baits for various individuals and small companies.
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    I never used back to back screw eyes, because I wanted to be able to adjust the joint spacing before I finish painted my jointed swim baits. Plus the closing of the opened screw eye once it was installed was beyond my abilities. If you use the screw eye/hinge pin method, you can adjust your joint after you've sealed the bait for testing, so you can get the action you want before you do your painting. Just be sure to seal the screw eye holes with runny super glue before you run in your screw eyes, to prevent water intrusion. I suppose, once you get the optimum joint spacing on your first bait, you can just measure the amount of screw eye protruding, and the make all of your subsequent baits have the same spacing, but I have never been that clever.
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