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    To secure a nose hooked trailer, I use the same 24 g coated craft wire: Action is unaffected and trailer body can not come free as long as the wire loop is smaller than the hook's barb.
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    For paint I would do white, pearl and black opaque, and a shiny silver and/or gold. for transparent I would want black, red, blue, yellow, a dark green, a brown, and fluorescent green and yellow. I would think you could do most paint jobs with that (albeit with more custom mixing). Past that I think you are getting convenience of having to mix less, or fun things like interference colors. A lot depends on what you are fishing for, and the waters. If I was fishing Lake Erie for walleye, I’d use purple more. If for smallmouth in the Great Lakes golds and browns due to the gobies. Lake of the Woods is tannic, and gold has always been popular. If I was in Texas I’d probably use lots of red-orange. If I was trolling for trout, maybe some fluorescent pink. It’s addictive. I would also, if starting out, make sure to have a good clear to use between colors, heat set it and it’s a lot easier to wipe off the next color if you’re not happy with it.
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    Berkley, Strike King, Rapala, Luhr Jensen, Megabass.. May I keep going? I'd imagine it would be just like copywriting anything else. There are businesses that can assist in that.
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    Simple green, I will have to look into that. I was just wondering the same question to myself. Also, I accidently soaked my air valve in restorer overnight and it loosened up the rubber gasket on the little air nozzle. I probably should not have done that, so just a warning I suppose, make sure you aren't soaking anything with a rubber gasket.
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    another thing to test,but for now im happy with art resine. tks
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