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    Gelflex (145 grader C remelt/microwave ) took a master (the clear epoxy) and put it in silicone - cut it into 2 parts - and laid it down in a thin layer of silicone melt the Gelflex in microwave (300 out of 700 on the microwave setting) and poured it over mix epoxy and 50% talc and got a mold - man made a test shot note: Flexget you can remelt over and over silicone you can grind up and use as filling but I make several mistakes: 1.no time to make a good 2 part mold ( I just cut it into a 2 part) 2.forgot to heat up the silicone before I poured flexgel over it (hot vs cold) 3. vacuum the flexget to get a more clean details of the mold (just the inside) (flexgel melt together) 4.might go for the blue flexgel (its harder) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- right now I dont got time to work on gelflex and how to copy soft bait to a Injecting Soft Plastic Baits mold. ...but it works so in time I will work on it.
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    Cadman, I agree with you completely. Since I fish with all my mistakes I don't see the point of adding eyes. When I make them to sell I use medium paint markers after baking. Eyes are in 2 steps. Background usually yellow,let dry. Half round pupils in black. Finish with clear fingernail polish. I like the look.
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    Hey thanks for all the info. I didnt want to get a tax ID number because I know exactlly what the IRS is like. I just make lures for friends I dont do a large volume at all. I will call the number Pop gave, thanks Pop. I do know they make a fine cut Natures Edge material because I have seen it in person. I guess someone is cutting it for them. Well thanks again for all your info. Once again I am impressed by the knowledge of the people on here.
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