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    It's like the perfect husband. All my ex-wives said it doesn't exist, but they love it at first, till they found out about the handling issues. Hahaha
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    Thanks everyone! Continued on today with some green watermelon with black and red flake. Also tried the heat gun trick for some extra shine. The heat gun is gonna take some practice. It goes from nothing is happening to a smooth blob pretty darn quick haha. Most still came out ok.
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    You read that wrong, he means if they raise McDonalds workers raise to $15/Hr. he's be better off working there part time than making lures.
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    what really is happening. injectors dont have a wiper seal, so the oring lets it slide by, and build up just keeps happening. If it had a wiper, IE a square edged seal, it would wipe as it was pushed. Regardless of the plastic brand you almost always get the buildup. Ultramolds uses a wiping o ring in there shooting star, reason it don't have to be cleaned all the time. What else does not help, I see all the time, is shooting the plastic way to cold and man handling on the injector to shoot it, Inevitably pushing the plastic by the orings as well.
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    If you reduced the basecoat containing the glitter with anything but water, it may be the reason for the problem. I’ve never had a problem using glitter in a clear acrylic base, brushing it on.
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    It also depends on which paint and topcoat you use. I have immediately topcoated lures with epoxy over an acrylic latex (water based) paint, with no problems. If you paint with solvent based paints, like lacquer or enamel, you want to be sure they have outgassed all their solvent before topcoating. That may take several days. If you use a MCU topcoat, you want to make sure that all moisture has evaporated from an acrylic paint job before application. How long is necessary? Depends on how thick the paint is and the humidity.
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    I want nothing else than to be able to go play with them! Ice is finally starting to come off, but we've been getting hammered with wind.
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    Thanks! I will let you know how it goes. I am not worried about having them shiny, I just want to get a good paint job on them. I was concerned that with the oxidation, the powder might not leave a good coat. Pete
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    That's an accurate figure
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    It is always good practice to get a system down and make sure you stick to what you do every time you pour. Mixing the plastic and making sure there is no settlement on the bottom is a good habit to get in to. Saying to just give it a quick mix in the container and not make sure there’s no settling is a bad habit. Guys do that and report the plastic is sticky, to soft and many other issues when in fact it is user error from poor information and bad practices. That’s what I am saying. Repackagers replace the so called bad plastic because they will get a bad review and could hurt sales in the future. Anyone reading this and has had a problem try this when you get ready to pour get something and run it across the bottom of your container and see what you get when you lift it out. Call it what you want but It most likely won’t be hard but needs to be mixed in to get good consistants results.
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    You don't need a wire form for an in-line buzz bait, just a straight shaft about 8" in length.
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    I've probably said this a million times and like sallmouthaholic said " don't quit your day job". This isn't meant for me to get rich off of. I have a full time job for that. This is my way of relaxing, talk to a lot of fishermen and learn what the latest tactics are to improve my fish catching . The money I make from this, I would starve and be poor if this was my only source of income. This is a hobby and that's all it is to me. Some days you have a good days pouring and you think you made money, other days, you want to quit and forget about the whole process. Luckily, there are more good days than bad days. All said and done if I figure everything that it costs me to operate, I'm better off working at McDonalds. If they raise the pay to $15/ per hour, I'd definitely be better off.
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    I have a Basstackle 10oz injector but prefer using the 6oz Twinjector when I need that much plastic, even when it is only one color. Just fill both up with the same color. The 10oz one in long and cools fast so getting a lot of usable plastic is a trick in itself.
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    if its coming out around where you screw the head into, try putting a little Carmex on their. Its the same stuff that is in their cleaning kits that they sell retail. If i remember correctly there is a small Teflon bearing right before the needle enters the cup region on the brush (I may be confusing it with an Iwata). check that.
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    First what type of wood. I use white cedar and no need to seal I just use a thinned Zinsser and spray. No need to heat but let it stay overnight then give it a scratch test with your finger nail. The Rustoleum X2 primer I use on plastic lures. Wayne
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    Pete forgot to mention this but once your jigs turn grey, you will never get them to turn shiny again like they were freshly poured.
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    Tired of the thin handle and squeaking of my whip finisher. Heat shrink alteration + lube with some TSI 321 reel lube. Now fits better and spins freely. What the hell guys, it's really crappy out today...
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