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    Set the resin part in hot water for 10 minutes to unchrystalize it if it looks lumpy or unclear.
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    Thanks Dave. Wayne
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    This is also what I do with some of my molds, flukes, stingers and craws mainly. You can get pretty creative hand pouring the bottom and then shooting the top. I have been able to get craws with 4 different color by hand pouring 2 colors on the bottom for the tail and body, a different color for the claws, and then shooting the 4th color for the top of the craw. Its time consuming but you can get some really unique baits. I have never had an issue with them coming apart either. I usually make sure I shoot the injector a little hotter than normal to make sure they bond well.
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    I have MF non-bleed flo. pink colorant and haven't had any issues with it bleeding. I have done a number of white body/pink tail 2" paddle tails and haven't had a single one bleed. MF non-bleed florescent colors are about all I use if I am making florescent baits. You might have to use a few more drops than other brands but i have never had them bleed.
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    just a quick update about my BTS mold. Got a shipping notification Thursday, 16 business days depending on how much got done around Easter. So mine was at the low end of the 14-26 business days, excited to get the mold and shoot a few.
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    I’m taking it back to get another can to try. I though something was wrong when I first went to open it I had to damn near cut the lid off. It just didn’t pop off like a can of paint does. I destroyed the lid getting it off but didn’t matter since I poured it into a mason jar.
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    No.... 1/2 of the time I put them on my turner.... To pool, It must be too thick... If you want to use it, I'd thin it.
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    I was making trout sized spinners, 1/8oz, with willow blades that did pretty well but you had to reel them pretty fast. I've also used Indiana blades but there are 2 styles that may help you. For larger spinners in the 1/4oz and larger range you can try the Mag willow or Olympic blade, the reason you need a larger spinner is the smallest size is a #3. They do spin at slow speeds and produce a lot of vibration, another that you may like is the swing blade, these are shallow cupped that look like a willow blade with rounded ends. The CP Swing and Original Rooster Tail spinners use swing blades, they sometimes require a snap of the rod to get the blade going but once you do they will work at all speeds from slow to fast and everywhere in between.
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    MF makes a non-bleed fluorescent pink you could try. I haven't used it enough to state that it categorically won't bleed, but you may have better luck with it.
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    I found that I was getting poor wraps because I was turning the handle counterclockwise instead of clockwise. Watch the video and you will see he turns the handle towards him. Yes you need to push while turning to get good wraps.
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    I can help you to order it from Ukraine. What quantity do you need? Write me please in PM.
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    Well, I usually build in batches of 6 baits. When I say “flood coat”, I mean filling the brush and very quickly coating the bait with MCU that will drip off to a leveled coating. Takes maybe 5-10 seconds per bait. So my MCU brush is exposed for only a minute during coating 6 baits before I dunk it into solvent. I’ve used the same cheap flat nylon bristled artist brush for the last 6-7 years.
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    The answer is 96Lbs. If you double the stretch then you halve the load: 0.5 = 96Lbs 1.0 = 48Lbs 2.0 = 24Lbs Find a way to measure that momentary stretch and an accurate figure can be calculated. I can send anyone a simple spreadsheet were you can enter your 3 numbers and get the answer. Just pm me your email and I will send. Dave
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    My vote would be Iwata HPC Plus. Has a finer needle and a stop adjustment. It will spray a very fine line or medium wide spray pattern. I have the first version and has been great for 20 years. It cost a little more but I think in the long run they are worth the price.
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    Use opaque for base coats. Use pearls for under coat for effects, Use transparent over pearls or opaque or for fine details like scales. Colors are really for the user to pick. just get what colors you think you need for the lure you want to paint. Green, white, yellow, red, and black would be a start. Just buy a few colors at a time to see what you like. You will have more paint than you need in a few months.
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