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    There we go someone smarter then me has arrived
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    If you have a blank body and a fully assembled body with all hardware attached, and a gram scale, then it is possible to calculate the weight of micro-balloons required to add to the resin mix in order to achieve neutral density. a gram scale with 0.01g increment would be nice, but 0.1g would definitely get you close. The solution is complicated and so I have written a spreadsheet to make it simple. You will need to read up the post on Archimedes dunk test but it is really not difficult, as others who have tried it will tell you. If you or anyone would like to try the spreadsheet then PM me your email address and I will send it. Dave
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    Personally I use the same resin micro balloon ratio(would have to check my notes) I use for my floaters and just increase my ballast pure resin layer till I get what I am looking for way too many factors with hook/hardware and lure shape to give you a ratio that would work without trial and error I don’t doubt the knowledge here and there are those with way more experience then me but you might be stuck experimenting
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    Ok everyone I just wanted to drop in and give an update. Got a fresh new can of kbs from the kbs company directly. I want to let everyone know that kbs did a wonderful job on my situation. They were very polite and helpful in fixing my issues of getting two bad cans from a retail store. They sent out a new can for me at no cost and then contacted me a few days later to make sure all was good. It’s nice to still see great customer service is still out there. I still had problems with the kbs pooling up at the tail of the bait after dipping it with a wire. I also had the wire on the tail but it still wanted to pool up and leave small bubbles on the tail. I did thin the kbs with xylene by 20%. Thinning it made a difference. I found for me to produce a perfect bait was to dip bait, while holding it by the wire on the nose and letting it drip till the drips pretty much stop I take a pair of hemostats and snap on to the belly hook hanger and put it on the turner. No more pooling up on the tail and no more bubbles. By the way bubbles only form when the kbs pools up, I have done several baits now that are bubble free and look amazing. Last I want to thank 21xdc! He has been very helpful with helping me with advice and answering questions I had going into this switchover. Getting to know him has been an absolute pleasure! I consider him a good friend. Maybe this will help others out when or if they switch over to kbs.
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