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    I made some rattles using brass tubing they sell in short lengths at Ace Hardware and other hardware stores. It is very thin wall and helps reduce the added weight of the rattle and still have the metal chamber. I learned it here or on another lure tutorial site. Cut the tubing with a hack saw the length you want the rattle chamber but do not cut all the way through. Now cut the tubing off about one tubing diameter past your first two cuts. Now you have one length of tubing with two cuts that are not quite all the way through. Cut the two end pieces length wise so that you can bend the tubing open and flatten the two end pieces with a hammer or pliers. Fold the flattened end piece over the end of your rattle chamber, put your rattles in, bend the other flattened end and you have your rattle chamber. Hope that makes sense.
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    I shoot my stick baits at as low a temp as possible. Try 300 or less also help keep your salt evenly through your bait and not settling to one side. Also ill let my mold cool down if I'm shooting a bunch and it gets hot. Hope that helps.
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    Try injecting slower and keep some pressure on the injector for a few seconds when done. That has been better for me than changing heat.
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    Hi Dave Thanks for sharing the excel, will start working on same. I have some lure blanks to finish, will try to use the excel. Regards, Raghubir
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    Capt Mike and RSS - files sent. Dave
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    I have the angling a.i. 4"double dip tube mold its a great mold. It help to buy extra rods, speeds things up.
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    I used to get them from Stamina Inc.
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    I might be able to help you out. What’s the internal diameter of the tubes you’re looking for and are you looking for traditional skirted tubes? Mine are straight
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    Custom-built Metal Cabinet. Stores about 160 Do-it Molds.I is HEAVY and I can pad-lock it. I took this pic back in January. I am going to have to make another one before the end of the year.
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    check out angling a.i. They have a nice tube mold.
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    I cataloged all mine in a spreadsheet, printed out a list, had them closed on shelves with the number on the end of the wood handle showing so I could find it on my list, then looked for the number of handle. I had the shelves with numbers so I had location numbers on my list and still couldn't find what I was looking for when I needed a mold. so I put them on peg board .The pic of my molds takes up a lot of room but at least if can find what I am looking for. and while looking for a mold i'll see one that i forgot i had, so that is helpful.
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