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    I buy kosher salt and grind it with a coffee grinder.
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    Grind it. It will suspend better in the plastic.
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    you can use it .. some people grind it up finer with a blender or some type of grinder .
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    I let my rippers “cure” for several days before placing them into 4x7” zip seal bags. Been shooting most with do it essential plastic and have had minimal bent tails.
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    My name is Joe McGraw. I carve fish lures and decoys using my brand name Wapak Fish Decoys and Lures. Im located in Springfield Ohio, having started carving in Wapakoneta Ohio.This is my largest minnow to date. This is my take on a steampunk heddon 150. I carve one off wood lures and decoys out of driftwood from the banks of Grand Lake St Mary's in North central Ohio. This is an example of my Wapak Century Minnows. In another time and place i like to imagine these lures being used with small on board boilers propelling themselves through the depths of lakes and rivers of another realm. When designing these Century steampunk minnows i try to engineer then in a practical real world way. The length is 17" long with brass, copper parts many hand made. This Century Minnow would be used to travel just below the surface with its snorkel protruding the surface to supply air to its on board boiler. I'm a fan of the over the top, and oddities. Ty for looking, good luck to all entries as we share a common bond....creativity and a love of fishing.
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    Here's a couple: 1) "green fish" - Add LC green pumpkin to plastic until the color is a very light green (not the darker, more opaque green pumpkin produced by more color) -2 sizes black flakes...fine and med -LARGE white flake...a more natural scale look than silver or holo flake 2) laminate bb -LC green hi-lite powder added to plastic until color is opaque with green transference fo light/color...no flake, poured as the belly color -Add black color until plastic is a "medium" smoke then a drop or two of watermelon or one of the "green" greens (emerald, etc)...fine green flake (lots) and medium black flake, poured as the back color ***can also pour this color as head-tail-belly...think I have a pic of this in my drop shot baits in the gallery...does a nice job of imitating the prominent black tips on a largemouth or kentucky tail Hope it helps. ****Sorry for the lack of quantities but I mix colors by eye, not by count. Anyway, as soon as I start counting drops sure as the world I get that glob of color that inevitably squirts out. Or I drop the whole jar of flake in the pot LMAO.
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