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    Probably any strung saddle hackle will work, the more important thing you need to know is the length. Strung saddle hackle comes in various lengths and you will also need longer length feathers than what is on the lure. For example if you want to make a lure with feathers that are 4" long you'll need to by 5" to 7" lengths in strung hackle. The best brand I've found is distributed by Hareline Dubbin. co. and it is the Spirit River brand, the quality of their strung hackle is really good and is perfect for lures like the one pictured.
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    This guy is a professional finish carpenter and cabinet maker. My guess is that he will want to design his own.
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    Well it’s not really a big deal if you buy one to big because you can put a smaller container inside. Most will have two sizes of lids. 10” and 12”. With a 10” you can get a pot up to about 4 gallons. A 12” will be your start point for 5 gallon and up. Just remember most use cooking pots so you can always go buy another one if needed.
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    You will probably more answers over there.
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    The Iwata HPCS is an excellent brush and I use it for 70% of my work. Cant say anything about the quality and longevity of the compressor or the quality of the paint in that kit however. good price but if you price out the same brush, a California Air Tools compressor, sprayout pot and a selection of quality paint like Wicked you will be in the same range and have a compressor and paint that is of high quality. As far as cheap blanks go, Cedar Run Outdoors has some good ones, and excellent service
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    that depends entirely on the size of your melting cup, it expands like 2/3 more when it boils out the bubbles so you want no more then 1/3 full melting container. only you can decide what that is but go bigger then you think you need
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    Yup, know your brush intimately and tear it down after every few spray sessions.
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    it is a good air brush, good starter for sure.
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