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    Alumilite makes a hard bait kit that got me started. Only thing i would add to that kit is some extra silicone depending on the size baits you are making. The directions that come in the kit are very helpful and also includes a dvd by larry dahlberg on lure making.
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    Made of Pine. Made my own eyes.

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    Hey TU Folks! I've learned so much from this community and have had a such blast interacting with you all that I thought I would try to give a bit back. I make my own eyes using waterslide paper, holographic foil, Photoshop, and epoxy. I cut the eyes out using different sized leather punches and one of the most difficult things for me in the past was getting the eyes themselves to print to the correct sizes, namely 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm. I have a friend who is a graphic artist and she came up with a Photoshop document that utilizes Smart Objects which allow you to click on one of three layers (10mm, 8mm, or 6mm) and embed whatever image of the fish eye you would like. The document then converts that image within the layer to the correct size for printing. No messing with print settings, image sizes, resolutions, etc. It takes a little bit of skill with Photoshop but nothing too complicated and I will gladly help anyone through it. If anyone here would like a copy of this document with instructions just let me know. I'm happy to share it with you all! Tight Lines!
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    Just make sure your threads on the jar and lid are clean from any drips..I add a shot of Bloxygen just to be safe..have kept it in Mason jars for over 18 months and still going..Nate
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    I tended to order from Smooth on or US composites. Most of my bait making was done with RTV silicone molds (Mold Max 30 from Smooth On) and then 16 lb density polyurethane foam (US Composites). Never had any issues with either company, shipping was quick, customer service solid, and product was always good. Alumilite is popular with many. Larry D. is overall a negative component for me. He turns me off on the product as the few videos of him I watched he depicts a lot I find wrong with lure making... the slap it together, "good enough" mentality. I have used their products and would again however just don't seek them out.
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    made the decision today to put soft fins on the 4 piece bass. Just finished cutting the masters for the fins on the band saw and not need to get the shape carved into them.
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    @ravenlures @BobP Thanks for the replies! I too have yet to have a fish pull any of my hardware out so for me it is easier to use my own hand twisted hangers. I also fill the holes with slow cure epoxy and then insert the hardware and as I said I have had no issues. Just wanted to get other's take on it. Thanks again!
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    I can't see the pic, but everyone using epoxy struggles when starting out it seems. Stick with it, I love the finish and toughness of epoxy! Lots of great tips here..
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    How long have you been using these gloves and what kind of gloves are they? Is it possible the gloves have seen too much use and have become contaminated with some type of oil or residue? Ben
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