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    Contact BaitJunkys, I believe he will sell you them by the pound.
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    I would not agree at all. If your fisheries are declining you can only blame the gluttony of your local fishermen and a lack of effort to educate them. We all have the ability to give or take when it comes to our fisheries. Just because regulation say you can take does not mean we don’t have a choice not to. We also have a choice to donate, fundraise and lobby to make change The failure of a fishery is not because of some guy selling baits out of his basement. If you don’t like what is happening with you local fisheries do something about it. Look at the big picture and not seek out petty things to blame All fishermen will get more out of their effort if they ask themselves what they can do for their sport rather then point fingers at others Sorry but petty finger pointing excuses piss me off
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