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    I have looked for my phone, with the flashlight on my phone. I’m only 36...
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    Dinger and Predator have higher quality blanks than those other places you've listed in my experience. Great customer service as well.
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    Came across and article on balsa cranks and this thread immediately came to mind. https://www.outdoorlife.com/secret-world-custom-balsa-wood-crankbaits/
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    Oh yeah been there done that with the phone & also walking around & getting pretty aggravated while looking for a tool only to end up finding it in my hand.
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    I have watched a few of his videos. I did see one where he tested between super glue and epoxy and the epoxy was much stronger, but the super glue was still plenty strong for bass...at least that's what I remember from it. I usually put my line tie, hook hangers, and bill in at the same time, so I'll probably just switch to epoxy for all of them since I'll have to mix up the epoxy for the bill anyway. I just like the idea of being able to play with the bill some to try and position it perfectly before it sets and I can't adjust it anymore.
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    Do not forget for the same size injection hole the injection pressure goes up as the square. Long and skinny cools faster. MEL
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    Quality Injectors on Facebook makes up to a 20oz. injector & can custom make larger ones. Bait Plastics/Polysol is a dealer for their injectors but don't know if they carry the 20oz.
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