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    Lower the shooting temp down to 300-315. It will be thicker and won’t pass through so easy. Get the plastic to 350 and let it cool a bit. It is way to thin at 350. Especially if it’s a new injector. Takes time for the o ring to get settled in. As time goes on it will get better. But not if you keep changing the o rings.
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    I think the horizontal line tie may act like a pivot point to enhance side to side action. Many swivels and clips come to a point, which would inhibit the action on a vertical line tie.
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    Looks like they redid the site. Probably why it was unavailable for a while.
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    I just use a Sharpie fine point marker.
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    Man, absolutely coat the foil with clear coat or one of the spray coatings such as transparent base or 4030 balancing clear. That’s what it’s for and thinner than epoxy. I prefer epoxy to cover the foil edges, then paint. Good results. trying to spray transparent colors onto raw foil...not me. I’m not careful enough.
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    I tried it, but I had to keep the amount of glo powder so low it took too many coats to get a good glow. Too much powder and it would clog my .35 tip. It's just too easy to add as much as I like to transparent base and brush it on.
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    So I sanded and shaped, and got the final bait down to 87 grams, unpainted. That's with (2) #2 KVD EWG short shank trebles, and the rate of fall something like 3 feet per minute. It's a really slow fall, but I am going to fish it shallow anyway. I am going to finish it and throw it, since it now weighs less that 3 oz. Here's a picture, before it is primed, showing the ballast locations:
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    But if you have a bad day you just might sink the boat Draining that plug. Wayne
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    Changing to a lighter or heavier wood won't do anything other than change the amount of lead you need to add. The overall weight of the lure will not change, since the problem is density. The only way to change the weight of the lure is to change the displacement of the lure by reducing thickness, height, or length. Another possibility is to add a chamber that can flood with water and drain before casting. The chamber should be in the rotational center of the lures action, since fluid acts as a dampener to action.
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    Having some fun with color
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