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    From what I have read a Hopkins spoon balanced heavier at the line tie end to give it a little wiggle on the drop when fished vertically . I have fired those 3/4 oz Hopkins spoons a long way at breaking fish and I don't ever remember a problem with them fouling in flight . I maybe wrong here but I have always assumed the distinct wiggle of a Kastmaster was due to the tail heavy attitude on retrieve and balance of the bait . I guess the way to know for sure would be to swap the hook on a Kastmaster to the thin end and see if it tumbles in flight and then see if the action on retrieve is impacted ?
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    This mold makes it so easy to make nice baits!
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    Shine2200 - Word file sent. Have a look and decide if you want to take this further. If you decide not to I will understand This is not an easy project. Dave
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    Well that is very kind of you, I sure don’t expect that. I guess it doesn’t even necessarily have to flash light just be water activated and stay on in water and turn off out of water. I really appreciate all your help this is the farthest I have gotten on this project and I’m really excited.
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    I am working on it now. I will give you a full parts list and a graphic step-by-step. Give me a little time as I will have to check my work. The home made hand sanitizer is kicking in at the moment I will ask you questions as to flash rate, how many flashes per second that you would like. Have a think about this. I am going for red LED lights with this design. Getting an LED to light is as easy as stated in a previous post by Datguy. Getting the LED to flash takes a little more circuitry such as a 555 timer chip. Getting the electronics to switch on and off with water contact requires more electronics again, and this is what I am going for with this circuit. Electronic components come in two sizes; SMD and standard. SMD are miniature surface mount components and are rather specialized. I have never used them, so I have gone for easily available standard components. If you want smaller, the SMD components have the same pins but will be a lot fiddlier to construct. My design is complex enough, but will be a good apprenticeship. Dave
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    By the way Hookup Baits tubes are more than 1/8" thick. https://www.hookupbaits.com/
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    "would the worm oil weaken the plastic? " I do not know. I always use worm right before I bag my baits. I think more oil would be absorbed into warm uncured plastic making them weaker? .I don't think you need any oil on them when you lay them out to cure. Maybe a expert will chime in?
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    I think the taper helps keep the weight more to the rear, so the lure doesn't tumble on the cast. I know the Kastmaster casts like a missle!
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