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    Awesome! Im planning on getting some epoxy for the final coat. thanks!
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    I have their entire BA Shad molds and they all shoot really good. They swim very good too.
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    Banana is what I use for brush jigs. I downsize to 2/0 hooks, less hangups.
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    Thanks!! Found a solution
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    Welcome to TU! in my personal experience the heavier the bait the faster the retrieve to get the blade to spin then slow it back down to see at what speed you have to keep it at for blade rotation. the heavier baits will need larger blades, knowing exactly what you are building would really help, blades type, size, weight, wire size, beads, basically from end to end. pictures will help also.
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    Cadman, The paint will stick to the pins but it is easily removed with my thumb nail. I haven’t noticed any chips on the jigs. Usually there is extra paint sticking up around the hole that came off the pins. I don’t do large batches and take the pins out as soon as the jigs are cool enough to handle. I also do very thin coats of paint so I don’t get runs. Maybe this method is why I don’t get chips.
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    We were deemed essential employees from the very start. Scared? I dunno. I hate to think what would have happened if anybody called in and said they wouldn’t work because of COVID-19. Prolly would have been asked not to return to work. Different perspectives, I guess.
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