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    Not yet but I'll post it as soon as I'll get this one made ready. Clear coating today so I'll try to post it later this upcoming weekend. I'll also post the swimming action of the traditional model so we can compare how both of these swim and if this is an upgrade or total failure. Jarmo from O'baits
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    You need to heat the plastic to 350 for it to fully convert. When I cook plastic, I take it to 350 and add my colorant. Then I let it cool to 320 - 330 before I add glitter and pour. Subsequent reheats don't need to go over 320 or whenever the plastic just gets pourable again.
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    Depends on container . The ones that come from bait plastics is the wide mouth gallon jug. A small paint stirrer will work on a drill. The smaller one gallon jugs. I would put in a bigger container and mix.
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    One way to speed it up is to put about 50-60 at a time in a frying pan on an electric burner. Take them out one ata time with pliers, runthrough the paint and hang. It takes about 5 sec per piece once they are heated up.
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    That would be very useful for me. I have always been fascinated by these types of spoon lures because the swimming action was difficult to explain. I more or less have the explanation locked in now, but would be very interested to see the comparison. I may then be in a position to post my explanation. Knowledge is power. With an understanding of the fluid mechanics, it may be possible to design even more effective 'S' spoon lures. I have had a lot of success with this type of spoon, trout love them. Dave
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    Sometimes some of the guys that have turned their hobby into a bigger business will sell regrind . It is degassed and already colored . Only draw back is waiting for a color to pop up you want. Another thing is DON'T shake the plastic Stir it Very well . If you shake it like a martini you will infuse it with more and more air . Use an infra red thermometer to check your temp . Try to stay right around 350 or just under. Sometimes if you get bubbles you can let it sit and skim the bubbles with a spoon as they rise. A cup of plastic will take right around 2 minutes or so to heat depending on your microwave wattage. Add colorant after it is hot unless you have a formula that is proven already. Glitter should be added only after heating . It sometimes bleeds or curls up in an over heat. I think the color cook book is still available on TU /
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    Probably need some heat stabilizer for multiple reheats to keep your plastic from yellowing. How about a medium plastisol, works for most things. Softener added to it if you want really soft. Salt will make it sink.
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    I don’t think you need one. If you get some bubbles just let your cup sit for a minute and they will rise to top. Draw plastic from the bottom. You can pop the bubbles with a heat source. Heat gun, I pass a torch over them. Usually, fresh plastic won’t give you much trouble. Just my opinion.
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    After foiling with aluminium tape. Pressed the scales by rolling exacto knife over the foiled spoon. And painted lure. Painted directly over the foil, without first adding clear coat. This way I can get more life to my paintwork, when paint adheres and reflects differently on high and low spots of the foil.
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    Your most productive colors. Me? Green pumpkin #1 watermelon #2 black #3 white#4 chartreuse #5 . the nice thing about black and white you can brighten or darken any color you want. The other nice thing is black and white are good choices for just about any water color. Green pumpkin is the #1 selling color for bass fishing last time I looked. Good for clear to stained water . Watermelon is a good clear to lightly stain water. Watermelon blue flake is my weapon of choice when the water I fish is really clear 6-10’ of clarity. Another note on color buy a color wheel and learn how to use it. With it and some basic colors you can make any color you want.
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    Salt will make a bass hold a bait longer. Steve Merlo told me that years ago. I've had fish eat a Yamamoto Ika in brush, and they held it so long I was able to lead them out with constant pressure before I actually set the hook.
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    Oops sorry! I’m still finding my way around the forum. Thanks for letting me know so I know for future reference! Thanks for the kind words everyone. Tight lines!
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