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    I understand no one wants to make there own colors but some people act like all colors are the same. That is far from true. So you can buy another brand but is it the same? Most of the time no. If you learn to make your own from basic colors you will not have to ask why they don’t have it. Control your own destiny. This is not a color you buy off the shelf they compound it to fit there needs. And you can too. I know cause lureworks old motor oil changed color and number.
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    I'm already happy with my BassTackle injector and I haven't opened it yet! I ordered it Thursday afternoon and it arrived to me in GA today. Super fast shipping!
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    Probably a do it isince you got it from Zieners.
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    Hold blade with needle-nose pliers when heating. Use cool round nose pliers to dip your blade. Don't over heat your blade. You want a lite coat of paint (velvet looking) Baking in the Toaster Oven will smooth out and cure the paint
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