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    Every Friday night when the bar closes in every town in America.
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    Do it Corp. has that lure body mold but I think only up to 3/8 oz.
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    One of our members recently posted this. Contact Jeff @ Top Shelf Tackle, He has just finalized everything and is the new distributor of Calhoun's plastic.
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    Most of my stuff in medium, but sometimes i add hard to it if i want them a little firmer. Tubes i usually do 3 ounces medium & ounce hard. Right now i'm using bait plastics plastisol.
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    Thanks yall. I will try it this weekend and report back.
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    Jeff, Between 2 businesses, we ship over 1000 packages a year USPS. The service is really pretty good, and if you are shipping to mainly residental addresses, by far the least costly. Also, if you use Priority Mail the shipping containers are furnished at no cost to you. With that said, I would recommend looking at USPS.com. I would use delivery confirmation on every shipment. If you print your own shipping label there is no cost for this on Priority Mail, and it is discounted on 1st class and this gives you a way to track the shipment. Are there problems with shipping USPS? Sure, but I could tell you some real horror stories about UPS and FedX as well. Ben
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