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    Excellent. It seems that you have the right type of mind that can deal with my engineering approach. Great work with the test pieces, we may be able to use them. BUT it would be much better if you weighed the Fillite rather than measuring volume. But we can deal with both methods. There is a lot of measuring and recording, so to make things a lot easier, and to possibly help members with similar problems in the future, I am building a spreadsheet which will totally remove all the thinking, but I will back this up with explanations of what is going on. Like with other 'stuff' that I have done, this will be available to everyone. I have spent an hour or so on the project, but the vodka is kicking in, so I will need another day or two to complete the exercise. The reason why weighing the Fillite is better; is for accuracy. Volume includes a lot of air space which corrupts the results. This is my kind of project, for me this is fun Dave
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    You certainly are not making a fool of yourself. Always remember, there are no dumb questions. You may feel like you have failed with this project so far, but what you don’t realize is that you have amassed a lot of experience AND an enormous amount of physical data that can be put to good use. As long as you haven’t thrown away the castings that you have made so far, together we can calculate what is required regarding the glass beads, to make your lure work for the next attempt. The only tool that you require to fix all your problems is a gram scale. If you have a gram scale, then we can either do this by PM or do it here on this thread, it is up to you. It may well be that you need to go for a lighter resin, but regardless, the engineering techniques that I can talk you through are the same. I promise nothing more difficult than add, subtract, multiply and divide, and writing information down for future use. Dave
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    I think i shot the Wicked Moss green and then Createx Pearl gold over it but don't remember.
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    Brilliant Dave thank you, I will eagerly await the information & spreadsheet, I'm sure it will help others in the future also, so a big thumbs up too you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vodka Andy.
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    Hi Dave, Firstly thank you for your kind reply, I really appreciate your help & advice. You are right I do feel like I've slightly failed at this stage, I put so much effort into getting the mould & casting looking correct & thought the next stages would be straight forward after following the guidance from YouTube! I have kept the 2 lure casts that I made & have further made 4 little resin test casts from some silicone bun cups, I used a 20g resin mix for each test but with differing amounts of fillite, been a 20% mix, 30% mix, 40% mix & 50% mix, the 20% & 30% mixes sank! The 40% & 50% floated & you could easily see the difference in buoyancy between each cast when in the water. The 40% mix slowly sank after adding 0.62g of lead. The 50% mix slowly sank after adding 1.5g of lead. I have a gram scale & I'm looking forward to learning from your advice. I'm happy for you to help me over PM or on this thread Dave, I'm just happy your here to help out. Thanks again, massively Andy.
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    I have poured 1,000's of Poisontail heads with ECL3886BP hooks. These heads are super stable. I think more than the herring head. I think you will like the results of your goals. You just cant "Over Blade" the baits. There will be a blade size to jig weight ratio that will need to be figured out. You wont be able to run a #4 willow on the 1/8 oz head etc.
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    Under 12 oz goes first class mail. Over goes flat rate Priority box or evelope.
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    My mistake that I really like but not sure how I did it. i think the Wicked detail colors may contribute to it.
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    Medium soft is fine for micro lures and larger swimbaits.
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    I usually use the padded flat rate envelopes. You can fit more in them that the regular flat rate envelopes or the small flat rate boxes for the same cost.
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    One of our members recently posted this. Contact Jeff @ Top Shelf Tackle, He has just finalized everything and is the new distributor of Calhoun's plastic.
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    Check out this video from Jekyll Baits on YouTube, seems like she achieves a similiar effect.
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    Mix the chrome with some clear powder, 50/50
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