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    I carved the master for this resin bait 100% by hand out of a block of wood using only simple carving knives and sand paper. It has a triple joint configuration which gives it a very fluid and natural swim at a wide variety of retrieval speeds and cadences. A full set of soft plastic fins adds to its realism and collapses easily out of the way when a predator fish strikes the bait. This black crappie paint scheme was accomplished by using six layered colors of spray paint topped off with a black crappie scale pattern applied by hand with a tooth pick. These patterns alone took a few hours to complete but were well worth the effort. Overall this is my best work yet and I'm excited to see how I can improve. Thanks for looking! Dan
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    8” cedar wide body shallow diver rattle 6” cedar wide body deep diver rattle
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    The 7" Bravo Trout is made to mimic a small trout as it swims through the water. This bait is hand poured, hand painted, and features a soft plastisol tail that helps to increase the bait's realism as it moves through the water. This Bravo has a special, one-off paint job that includes a brown back and metallic purple lateral lines and gills.
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    Hybrid crappie pattern with realistic colors and patterns.
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    Homemade, jointed bait hand carved from Cedar. Modeled after a Pike. Hand painted. Handmade lip. Handmade eye screws. Handmade rattle.
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    More foam was used to float fly on right . In side by side pic same fly is on top. Amount of foam used shown in the fly vise. I was suprised at how much foam was needed to float this fly. Material: Gami circle hook 2/0, craft foam, woven mylar tubing, feathers
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    Threadfin glidebait
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    Airbrushed using Createx airbrush paints on a deep diving crankbait body. I call this one Copper Nose.
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