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    I do not like to call out a company by name but I have tried on several occasions to rectify the issue and have never received a response. I placed an order for dressed treble hooks on 4/20 and received a partial shipment with a hand written note stating the balance to follow. I also placed an order in the amount of $180 for 100 blanks on 4/24. I got a transaction number and it is still showing awaiting shipping. I ordered 40 more of the same blanks one day apart and received them with no problem. I am hoping someone from Shelts will see this and at least contact me. I have ordered from them several times before with no problems.Sorry for the rant.
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    I use the baking soda and superglue as Nathan stated when the lure will have a white belly. Baking soda and superglue dries to an off-white color and doesn't leave a shadowy spot beneath white paint. If I am filling a deeper hole, I fill it partially with baking soda, add the glue, let dry and repeat until I get built up. It dries real quick. I use epoxy on baits that will have a non-white belly. I typically will mix sawdust in with the epoxy. I have a couple of ziplock bags of saw dust of different types of wood collected from when I clean my belt sander. If I have a big hole to fill, say due to moving the ballast to a different spot, I will make a plug out of a small dowel and epoxy or glue it in. Likewise, If I put an screw eye in the wrong place, if will fill that with superglue and a toothpick, trim flush and seal with more superglue.
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    Try filling the area with backing soda...Then kinda of smooth it out and add thin super glue..(Not jel..you want it to penetrate the baking soda).. let dry and sand smooth..Nathan
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    Epoxy works for me. Fill it just a little proud of the lure and then sand it flush.
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    My last orders were placed the end of March, but I didn't buy direct from Shelts I ordered through Aliexpress. The advantage of going through Aliexpress is they will intervene if there is a problem. You can file a dispute. I ordered some lures from a different company and wasn't getting them. At 60 days I filed a dispute. The company came back with the excuse I had to remember the lures had to come from a long way and it was free shipping. I told them don't give me that excuse I buy from other companies from China and all orders come within 30 days. Plus I paid extra for E Packet shipping since it usually makes it in two weeks. Five days later Aliexpress stepped in and said I wasn't getting any satisfaction so they would return my money. It was back in my account within 24 hours of their e mail. I believe Aliexpress holds the money until you confirm you have received the goods and are satisified, then they release the funds to the company you ordered from. One thing on Shelts after the move to Aliexpress. Delivery seems to have slowed, and the free eyes are gone. Usually it was 2 weeks for delivery, my last orders were closer to 30 days. Also on my last order I ordered surface lures that had a propeller, but the propeller was missing. I left a message through Aliexpress. I didn't get a response right away and left a second message telling them I didn't want to open a dispute since I'd bought many lures from Shelts with no problem. Still no response to I tried one more time, this was over the course of a week. Third time I got a response, they figured out what I needed and said they'd send them out immediately. I had the missing propellers 5 days later. Hope you get your problem taken care of.
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    Not to mention trashing a good bait!
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    Well it seems that you are fed up with KBS. I use KBS thinned about 20% for my small plastic lures and E-Tex on my musky lures. works for me. Good Luck Wayne
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