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    As an aside I have had good results from automotive/industrial powders a while back I bought a pound of clear took a bit and mixed in UV reactive powder for soft plastics it worked like a charm.
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    Knipex are German made and have worked well for me . Several different sizes to choose from.. worth checking out there web site for prices and to have another choice option.
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    The KBS is really thin, like water thin. You should still do 2-3 coats with it not thinned. For the "ventilated area" make sure you have a volatile chemical proof fan, or you may have a boom. You need a mask too, the fumes are horrible. I do all my dipping outdoors and then bring the baits inside to my drying racks to cure after about 15-30 minutes, almost all of the stink is gone by then.. I just dont like having them outside any longer for fear of dust/debris landing on them. You need to empty the entire can into a mason jar, you can buy really large ones at walmart cheap, then just transfer into a tall skinny one for dipping and refill as needed. Be sure to put the plastic wrap under the lid. You will absolutely destroy the KBS can when you open it, I swear they glue the lid down with D2T when packaging the KBS. It will take screw drivers, tin snips, pry bars... I have had KBS in a jar for 2 months and no issues, no preservative gasses. But if you do the two mason jar strategy like I suggested, definitely pick up some sort of heavy gas oxygen blocker for the storage jar... your argon will work fine. 2" baits per quart... hundreds. I think I dip around 50 cranks out of my tall skinny pint jar before refilling, and that's just refilling because its too low to dip anymore not because its empty. I've never really counted before though. For buying, you can sometimes find discount codes on the lure making websites and facebook groups for buying direct.
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    I keep my leftovers in folgers coffee cans & cut up unto small pieces when i'm going to use them. I melt it down some( about half) while being careful to not get it to hot & then put a cap full of heat stabilizer in it & then finish the heating & have no problems.
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    This is the 2.75” double dipper, the one placed differently on the side is a 2.5” Berkley power tube. They look much better with the tails salted, but gives you an idea. Also these were cut with the angling ai tail cutter. It’s an awesome mold, super easy to shoot, love it!
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    They also make copper ones, which can be used. Check out Hagen's.
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    Bottom. https://www.captainhookswarehouse.com/index.cfm?page=products&catid=37&view=1
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    Wouldn't you know it. I find a chunk of the labeling this morning after reading some of the responses and its labeled as Plaskolite. I do have Lexan Polycarbonate, but I used a lot more of the Plaskolite than I did lexan. I guess I need to pitch that Acrylic stuff. It's ruined a load of lures.
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    I always add some new, virgin plastic and some heat stabilizer to any old plastic I'm trying to reuse.
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    JR - nope, never heard back from them. Still, more time for fishing. New PB two days ago, 5.72Kg (12.58Lbs) bawal. I caught two over 5Kg that day. Dave
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    Bro...get yourself a Master torpedo heater. They are certified to run on KT-1 Kerosene (very expensive) #1/#2 diesel, #1/#2 fuel oil, JP-8 and Jet A fuels. I use diesel in mine. Mine also has a thermostat so it doesn't run non-stop and with me now pouring in front of a window with a box fan, the heater runs less than half the time now and keeps the garage nice and warm. This is the one I got. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/master-80000-btu-kerosene-forced-air-heater-mh-80t-kfa Be sure to buy the replacement warranty as these are now made in China. My first one wouldn't run right at all even with new parts shipped to me, so I took it back and the replacement runs like a dream.
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    If you want a simple boat building project, check out the plans for this 10 ft wood and canvas kayak. It is great for hike in ponds. With the strap on trailer (made from an old folding lawn chair and wheels - my design) I tote mine 2/3 - 3/4 miles up a mountain trail. The dual rod holder / net holder (my own design) holds two ten foot crappie rods. When trolling I cover 21 ft of water. It is held on by velcro and 2 2" C clamps. The rope attached to the bow and stern holds my anchor rope. I can quickly shift the anchor to the front, the back, or somewhere in between. For better tracking, I added a fin in the rear. It doesn't like wakes, and some of the boaters up here are idiots, so I made a cover for it that is also held on by velcro. But my preference is to take it where power boats cannot go. It is plenty stable. As for durability - this is my kayak after 12 years of heavy use. The design allows for the kayak to be folded lengthwise and hung on a wall with the seat and spreaders inside. http://www.ida.net/users/tetonsl/kayak/