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    I've used lureworks, calhouns & baitplastics. I'm using baitplastics right now, but i'd say lureworks medium in the box is my favorite all the way around. Baitplastics medium is a little soft for me on some baits so i add some hard to it & it does great. I just realized a 2014 thread was revived.
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    There's something else you can do with them. I'd tell you but I don't wast to get a cease and desist from the folks at the Z place. LOL
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    I do once in a while, but I'm normally to lazy and just toss them. LOL
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    I really like the Engineered Angler channel on YouTube! Great ideas from him. I also have started using a mid coat for several applications and it really preps the paint for the final smooth epoxy finish! I dilute Minwax polycrylic with water and shoot it thru my airbrush to give a nice smooth mid coat for the final epoxy. I have also used it between painting and stencil layers where I want to tape a stencil or something like that to the bait. I clean out my airbrush immediately after spraying the polycrylic and haven't had any issues with it clogging up or doing any damage. If you let it harden in there I could see it being tough to remove. But airbrush restorer would probably take it off as it seems to dislodge everything (love that stuff).
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    I just started making some trough-wire caterpillar lures... What I've done so far is drill out a hole in the end of the bait that is at least as wide as the twisted wire. Then, I basically thread the wire on, pull the twisted end up into the bait far enough to pull the other twisted end down and then back it through so they are even. I'll try and get a video of this together soon, but I hope this makes some sense. Also, I chuckled when I read, "wife bender," before realizing how easy it is to make that typo!
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    A relatively simple carving and paint job bait. I wanted something light for early morning sunrise fishing.
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