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    Agreed. That with a tad of green hi-lite
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    I hate to always be the wet blanket when it comes to screw wire vs thru wire, but in my opinion, if you are making a premium lure for muskies or pike, it should always be thru wire. Screw eyes are plenty strong when new, but after fishing with a lure for a year or two, almost no amount of finish will be able to withstand rocks and fish. If there is any moisture ingress or if the threads 'crack' loose from the glue that's holding the screw, it can pull out. Sorry, it just bugs me seeing musky lures that go for 100+$ dollars, and they have screw in hardware. This is the result. A lost lure and possibly a dead fish. This was from a big pike that crushed the lure boat side. Set the hook and out came the large screw eye. Hopefully the fish chucked the lure. This is from a 'well made' well known lure manufacturer (I won't name names or anything). This is the second time that it has happened to me, so I can only imagine with all the people fishing, how many times this may happen. This would not happen with thru wire. I'm tough on equipment, I fish a lot, and if there is a weakness, musky fishermen tend to find it. I'm headed out this weekend, freezing temps, and lakes icing up to go bash some other lures around on the Canadian shield hoping for another hog.
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    hi, new to making baits! im looking for bigger guage screw eyes. cant seem to find any retail store that sells them..i have the 0.092" from lurepartsonline but i want something bigger. will be using it for the joints and line tie. i can use the 0.092" for the hooks. my bait is made out of wood..any help would be appreciated..thanks!
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    I have had this happen from a lot of reducer and having the airbrush too close and moving too slowly across the lure as opposed to a quicker controlled even spray . I almost got a kind of bloodline effect , I'll find them and post pics Tommy
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    Check out this video from Jekyll Baits on YouTube, seems like she achieves a similiar effect.
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    Adam,I've been very busy & forgot to send you the sample tubes, but i will this week. Sorry.
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    I get a color close to that with 1 each drop of pumpkin seed and motor oil in 2 oz of plastisol.
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    Cool effect. I believe I've had this happen before to a similar effect. I seem to have this happen with a few of my paints that I did not shake well enough. So similar problem as to over thinning, basically not enough pigment. It happened to my orange paint, a pearl white and a black as well. Was super watery and dried splotchy like that (I was going for a nice smooth finish). When I tried to actually stir the paint with a stir stick, turns out I had a bunch of the pigment clumped up and stuck to the jar. Especially orange, I have had lots of trouble with oranges lol.
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    I’ve been using them for at least four years. I still use the same injector since I started using them. Yes they scratch but not to the point of total failure . I have had to change the oring twice but no biggie. My sticks I use a mix of beads and salt. Durability is better however I make mine super soft so I tend to go through a lot.
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    Godzilla, Most of the guys here who make large wood baits don't use screw eyes. They either run wire all the way through the bait (called "through-wire construction") or the cut 2-4 inches of SS wire, bend it in half, twist it leaving a loop and glue it in hole in place of a screw eye. These methods are both stronger and less expensive than screw eyes. I believe Janns Netcraft carries larger SS Screw eyes. Stephen
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