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  1. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Musky, I think you are right..I found some of this at Cabela's and order it in the different sizes they had ...They aren't cheap...your at a little more than a dollar a chain!!..I just want to check them out..I still don't know if it is a usable option..Nathan
  2. New to TU

    Love seeing your work but these photos belong in the gallery..Not here..Nathan
  3. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Don sent me this link to bead chain that is used in trolling steal a line from Laugh In..."Hmmm...Very Interesting"...If you get that last reference..your like me,..old!!..Nathan
  4. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Definitely have to use SS..I was doing some research and this stuff comes in all sizes.. Mark, I wouldn't cut my bait in half..Just drill out each side slightly larger than the chain, a little 5 minute epoxy on the chain..a little down the hole and feed the chain down the the hole with a tooth pick..etc..let dry on one side then do the other side...What do you think?..Nate
  5. Has anyone seen this method before?....looks easy enough..and bead chain is fairly strong...Nathan
  6. Kbs Diamond Top Coat

    Don't blame you a bit Salty..If I'm ever up that way I'll definitely take you up on that tour..I'd love to meet you after all these years!..Nate
  7. Kbs Diamond Top Coat

    Sweet...Love to see a video of your whole process..Nathan
  8. Women's nails as diving bills

    I've been reading about guys using these nails on fly patterns to make them swim...These things come in Clear and several colors as well as a bunch of shapes and sizes...Anyone tried them on crank baits?...It would be easy to tune them with a set of nail clippers!!..Nathan
  9. IMG_2411.JPG

  10. My redesigned Bull Head

    Did a customized version of my Bull Head for a customer....It is about 6" and 1 1/4oz...Nathan
  11. assortment of eyes

    Ed will talk your ear off if you get him on the phone..great guy and great product at a really good price..Nathan
  12. photo wrapping short round crankbaits

    I use the spray on laquer you can get it at Walmart in the spray paint section...Just a couple thin coats is all you need...I think it works better than spray on poly a Riki's to coat the decals with..Nathan
  13. KBS and Glitter

    You can mix your glitter in with a little poly acrylic..that way you can put the glitter where you want it and it will stay where you put it..also you can use different color glitters if you choose too...a little green glitter brushed across a brown back..or a little pearlescent on a white belly...etc..Nathan
  14. photo wrapping short round crankbaits

    You may want to look into decal setting solution..after you apply the decal you brush some of this on and It softens the decal and makes it lay better...... Some also claim that vinager will do the same thing..I've never tried it Anglinarcher was right about the warm water to soak the decals in too..Nathan
  15. KBS and Glitter

    I do all the time with no problems..but I put my glitter on BEFORE I top coat..Nathan