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  1. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Mark, sorry for the slow reply..Yep...I hold it low in the jar and let it drip back into the jar..Nathan
  2. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Mark, can you get Xylene in Ca.?..That’s what I thin with..I also use Bloxygen when closing the jar...But this stuff is ridiculously easy to use..dip and hang..2-3 coats a hour or so apart...I’ve only had one problem with the jar going off..but that was my fault..I got lazy and didn’t seal it up correctly.A good tough top coat with just a little flex to it..I’ve spent hundreds of dollars through the years trying top coats..This is as close to nirvana as I’ve found..Nathan
  3. History of tackleunderground

    Chris..yep ,your right..We are a couple of the first to join this new site..Gene..(Lincoya) was another one...we are getting old!!..Lol..Nate
  4. What kind of wood is this?

    Thanks for the help guys...And Travis, even after a 130 years it did have a strong smell when I cut it..Nathan
  5. What kind of wood is this?

    Thanks Hughsey..Looks pretty good for 130
  6. What kind of wood is this?

    A little background...I work in a building located in Clinton Mo...The building was built in the mid 1880’s...They were doing some remodeling and I snagged this scrap from a floor joist they had cut..This piece of wood is about 130 yrs old...just beautiful..just as clean on the inside..This is why I love wood!!..Can anyone tell me what it might be? I’m going to make a lure out of it for my boss..Just going to leave the wood raw with a good top coat...Nathan
  7. History of tackleunderground

    Hi Hiro, glad to see you still stop by from time to time..really good to hear from you... For you guys that don’t know Hiro..He is a very talented wood lure maker from Japan..and one of the old timers here!!..Nathan
  8. Kbs Diamond Clear Coat Aerosol Can Update

    You guys should really start a new topic if your discussing something other than the KBS Aerosol spray..It makes search’s easier...and you might get more in put..Nathan
  9. Kbs clear dip

    If it’s being rotated it can’t puddle...Just be sure you let it drip off well before rotating or you’ll get a small hardened drip on your spoon..Nathan
  10. Best products/process to paint woodmlures

    Use the search feature here on the forums..There is enough information on this topic to keep you reading for weeks...Nathan

    I no longer use it as a top coat either..but I do use it to seal my Baits before I start the painting process..Nathan
  12. Dodgers/ Flashers Components

    If you put this down in the wire bait section you may get a response..This is more for crankbaits..etc..Nathan
  13. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Musky, I think you are right..I found some of this at Cabela's and order it in the different sizes they had ...They aren't cheap...your at a little more than a dollar a chain!!..I just want to check them out..I still don't know if it is a usable option..Nathan
  14. New to TU

    Love seeing your work but these photos belong in the gallery..Not here..Nathan
  15. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Don sent me this link to bead chain that is used in trolling steal a line from Laugh In..."Hmmm...Very Interesting"...If you get that last reference..your like me,..old!!..Nathan