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  1. Nathan

    Best place to buy Balsa? I’ve had really good luck with them and you can pay a little extra to have it hand selected for you..Nathan
  2. Nathan

    KBS diamond clear coat questions?

    AZ is right on the money..I’ll have to try your tip Raven..Thanks!!..Nathan
  3. Nathan

    Clear coat whats new

    Dipping KBS is very popular now.Just do a search here and read up on it..Nathan
  4. Nathan

    solarez homemade eyes

    Those are sweet looking!!..Great job Mark! ..Nathan
  5. Nathan

    solarez homemade eyes

    That is sweet a picture of it!!..Nathan
  6. Nathan

    solarez homemade eyes

    Be sure it’s mixed well..I don’t know if I would put it in boiling water..Maybe just take it in the house over night to warm..Nathan
  7. Nathan

    solarez homemade eyes

    Two things come to mind..Yes it could be the temperature..or is it the same Solarez you’ve used in the past?..Is it possible it has gone bad?..Nathan
  8. Nathan

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    Tally Man you can still shake a tree!!..Lol..Good to have you back my saw dust brother and it was great BSing on the phone last week..Nathan
  9. Nathan

    Testing Tally's Bait

    Great bits of information hidden away here.Most don’t want to spend the time researching this information..It is a real shame too..Nathan
  10. Nathan

    Been a LONG Time

    Tally, Great to hear from you buddy!!..You still in Missouri?..Still remember that day in my shop..You,Me ,Gene,Coley,Charlie & Redg8R messed around with my copy carver...Great memories!!..Nathan
  11. Nathan

    New Top Coat Coming To Town

    Andy, first, welcome to the forum.Thank you for all the information on this new top coat.It does sound like a very good product ..Nathan
  12. Nathan

    New Top Coat Coming To Town

    It’s a 2 part mix so it is or similar to a epoxy type coating sounds like to me..Nathan
  13. Nathan

    First Attempts

    Beautiful job but the photos belong in the gallery..not here..Nathan
  14. Nathan

    Wooden molds..can it be done?

    Thanks for all the help and feedback guys!!..Nathan
  15. Ok guys..I’m a wooden bait guy..I haven’t poured plastic in years and even then it was nothing like you guys do now.. I also tie fly’s..attached is a picture of a dragonfly pattern I’m working on.For the butt I used a Trout worm which worked perfectly but the worm is to stiff for my liking so I thought I’d pour my own.I’m looking for a easy mold to make...The diameter is about 1/8th inch and about 2” long.I thought I would add about 1/4” section necked down to a 1/16th” so it’s easy to tie to a hook. My Thought is to take two halves of wood and drill out with appropriate sized drill bits where the halves meet then spray the heck out of them with high heat paint to seal them up ..I would add appropriate spue holes at the top and bottom..What do you guys think?..Thanks..Nathan