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  1. Nathan

    KBS too thin?

    Mark, I never had any problem letting it drip back in..Nathan
  2. Nathan

    My Rodents

    No video...I’ve been making these since 2001..Nate
  3. Nathan

    Affordable Balsa Sealer

    Concrete sealers will work as a dip and hang..hold them under for a minute or two then hang to dry..( dab off excess..)when dry.. give a light sanding and dip in and right out of the sealer this time..let dry again and move on..Nathan
  4. Nathan

    Glitter and Epoxy

    I never mix it with my top coat...I either mix my glitter with a little poly acrylic..That way I can use different colors on different parts of the body ( such as green glitter over a brown back..and pearlescent on a white belly) You can do the same thing with spray on glitters..but I think applying with a brush gives you a bit more control.Using very fine glitter is a huge help. When done glittering..apply your top coat..Nathan
  5. Nathan

    First time with divided cup (pics)

    We love seeing you work..but pictures like this belong in the gallery..Nathan
  6. I agree..Looks like Chenille to me too..Nathan
  7. Nathan

    Hand crafted frogs

    I don’t know what there monetary worth is but they would be a sweet addition to a lure collection ...Nathan
  8. Nathan

    cottoncordell g finish

    Chuck Young, paint with pearl is a great company to work with..I’ve bought several of their glitters..Nathan
  9. Nathan

    2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Congrats to everyone!!!...Some incredible work!!..Nathan
  10. Nathan


    I never sand between coats..Nathan
  11. Nathan


    Epoxies won’t adhere...Super glue type products will work..Nathan
  12. Nathan

    Tackle Show Opinions

    I’m with Salty on this...I’m sure he has done his share of shows as have I .. They really don’t do much for you.You Work your butt off getting ready for the show and have people approach you like your having a garage sale..they forget you have expenses..etc... Maybe You can find out what shows Anglinarcher sets up at..It sounds like he may do well at his shows..Nathan
  13. Nathan

    Anyone made rat wakebaits?

    Nice Video Mark!..Nathan
  14. Nathan

    New lure I'm working on

    One problem will be that a tail that large will have too much drag and kill any action from the joint..Nathan
  15. Nathan

    History of tackleunderground

    Cadman, I have that pink spinnerbait proudly displayed in my collection...Those get togethers were a blast!!..Nate