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  1. Tackle Show Opinions

    I’m with Salty on this...I’m sure he has done his share of shows as have I .. They really don’t do much for you.You Work your butt off getting ready for the show and have people approach you like your having a garage sale..they forget you have expenses..etc... Maybe You can find out what shows Anglinarcher sets up at..It sounds like he may do well at his shows..Nathan
  2. Anyone made rat wakebaits?

    Nice Video Mark!..Nathan
  3. New lure I'm working on

    One problem will be that a tail that large will have too much drag and kill any action from the joint..Nathan
  4. History of tackleunderground

    Cadman, I have that pink spinnerbait proudly displayed in my collection...Those get togethers were a blast!!..Nate
  5. flat sided diver

    This type photo belongs in the photo gallery..Nathan
  6. temporairly glueing balsa for 2 piece baits

    Elmer’s Rubber cement will work too..use it all the time to try different diving bills in Baits before permanently gluing them in..Nathan
  7. History of tackleunderground

    So true Jeff, I started making wood Baits around 1992 when I was in my early 30’s...Now I’m 57..No internet...very few How to books..just a lot trial and error...I wouldn’t give up any of those lessons learned through failure..Then in 2001 a site called Tackle Making popped up.With it came the uniting of people from around the world with the common interest of learning and improving their they say..the rest is history. I’ve been so lucky to meet you and so many others through this addicting hobby we call lure making..Nate
  8. Lure consistency

    All so true Jeff!!..Good to see you around..Nathan
  9. History of tackleunderground

    Oh..BTW Skeeter...your one of the “Old guys” around here
  10. Not bad for beginner

    Love seeing your work but these pictures belong in the photo gallery...Nathan
  11. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Mark, sorry for the slow reply..Yep...I hold it low in the jar and let it drip back into the jar..Nathan
  12. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Mark, can you get Xylene in Ca.?..That’s what I thin with..I also use Bloxygen when closing the jar...But this stuff is ridiculously easy to use..dip and hang..2-3 coats a hour or so apart...I’ve only had one problem with the jar going off..but that was my fault..I got lazy and didn’t seal it up correctly.A good tough top coat with just a little flex to it..I’ve spent hundreds of dollars through the years trying top coats..This is as close to nirvana as I’ve found..Nathan
  13. History of tackleunderground

    Chris..yep ,your right..We are a couple of the first to join this new site..Gene..(Lincoya) was another one...we are getting old!!..Lol..Nate
  14. What kind of wood is this?

    Thanks for the help guys...And Travis, even after a 130 years it did have a strong smell when I cut it..Nathan
  15. What kind of wood is this?

    Thanks Hughsey..Looks pretty good for 130