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  1. Just make sure your threads on the jar and lid are clean from any drips..I add a shot of Bloxygen just to be safe..have kept it in Mason jars for over 18 months and still going..Nate
  2. Nathan

    epoxy mixing cup

    The Loon one was the one Ihad posted a while back..Nathan
  3. Nathan

    Been a LONG Time

    Glad to have you back!!..Nathan
  4. Good stuff Dave..KCDano would eat this up!!..Nathan
  5. I think it is a great Idea..I’ll look into it..Nathan
  6. The perfect top coat only exists where Rainbow farting Unicorns exist ..Nathan
  7. Nathan

    Hopkins DVD

    I hope you can find a copy..It is a great DVD..Nathan
  8. Try filling the area with backing soda...Then kinda of smooth it out and add thin super glue..(Not jel..you want it to penetrate the baking soda).. let dry and sand smooth..Nathan
  9. Dave, that is amazing!!..Thank you!!...Nathan
  10. Love seeing your pictures but they belong in the Gallery..not here..Nathan
  11. I wonder if you needed to mix the Alumni up..I had some Solrez do the same thing to me one time..Nathan
  12. https://www.Balsawoodinc.com I’ve had really good luck with them and you can pay a little extra to have it hand selected for you..Nathan
  13. AZ is right on the money..I’ll have to try your tip Raven..Thanks!!..Nathan
  14. Dipping KBS is very popular now.Just do a search here and read up on it..Nathan
  15. Those are sweet looking!!..Great job Mark! ..Nathan
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