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  1. Hi, Your son likely installed an ad-blocking extension in chrome. You'll need to disable the ad-blocking app, or add TU as an exception to the app so your browser allows TU to fully load. Thanks.
  2. Photo attached, Let us know if it's not working for you. Jerry
  3. Re; http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/index.php?/topic/25718-warning-points/?hl=warning
  4. Thanks George, Travis, I hear ya, some will remember... Looking back, we were a small group of builders on another site, run by (Erik) one bright guy with a day job who got in over his head & let it fall into disrepair. When the site went offline (for longer than usual) a few of us discussed setting up another forum to keep our group together. I already had a forum setup to support a lure carving machine I'd been working on (Anyone remember the "Duplik8r"??) so we started gathering there to what would later become Tackle Underground. We had no visions of grandeur, no preconceiv
  5. Thank you Nathan, JSC, Ben & basskat for the kind words, George! welcome aboard & thanks bud. Travis, skepticism was expected & LPO knows that. I appreciate your honesty & devotion, you've always been an asset to the community.
  6. Hello everyone, I have an important announcement to share with you. After long consideration, I've decided to place the future of TU into more capable hands. A lot of soul-searching went into my decision and those of you, who know me well, know this was not easy for me. The bottom line is, for this venue to progress, thrive and remain of benefit for you, it needs proper management. I'm no longer in a position to keep pace with the growing oversight our community needs and deserves. I found a group who had the best interests of our community in mind, a company that shares our pa
  7. Real quick here, Mike, I'm sorry for not responding to your prior requests for clarification, have no real excuse, just been busy. You seem to think you were the reason "some" topics were deleted,..... it wasnt you. Those topics were "want-ads" ...people asking "hey can anyone here make me XYZ" We have a place for "want ads" and theyre completely free to post, theyre completely free for you to respond to and offer your services...... just not here in the luremaking forums. Nothing personal Mike...... Actually it has absolutely nothing to do with you, You seem to respond to t
  8. With your electronics background, ever heard of arduino? I considered it given its ease of access, now sold at radio shack. post up the .skp when you can, I'm finally getting the hang of it.
  9. You cant climb cut backward if: You tilt or angle the blade whatsoever (non-perpendicular) Your cutting a bait with a steep edge (popper for example) Your drive motor is non-reversible I secured my blanks using countersink bits and/or simple phillips head bits, like a spur drive on a lathe. Not a problem for soft woods.... might need something more robust for hardwoods. Cant comment on electronics, I avoided them on this project. All I used was a switch, 2 motors (1 cutting 1 drive) and a speed controller for the drive motor.
  10. Seems feasible, For traversing, I drilled and tapped a block of HDPE then split the block in half along the thread, if you offset those blocks it will allow you to engage and disengage from the allthread to manually move the carriage when needed. Alot of people prototype with aluminum extrusion, think its called 8020 or something, its a little pricey, but you get to fab with metal and you can cut it with a chopsaw. if you go with a chuck, it'll likely need to be a 4 jaw, avoid independent chucks as they're usually used for offset work. After you find one the task becomes mounting it
  11. Please use our classified ads section located at: http://www.tackleunderground.com/tu_classifieds/ Buying and selling are not permitted in the luremaking forums. Thank you.
  12. Sorry, We sold out awhile back. If you need the shirt for a particular purpose (event, etc.), contact me via PM & we'll see what we can do for you.
  13. Wow, a 9 year old topic I'm getting old. I haven't had anything assembled & cutting in years. What I cobbled together was about as elegant as you could ask with a wood structure. I've seen some really nice metal contraptions since then. Ironically, I have some machining tools now but no time to revive this beast ATM. Feel free to improve the concept.
  14. Your latest post is on topic. We will not host a family feud here. Stick to feature comparisons in regards to the topic & keep the personal stuff out of the conversation please.
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