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  1. Hoosierdaddy

    Air Brush

    I just ordered that RoyalMax myself. I sure hope it works well. I have spent way too much time deep cleaning the two badger siphon feeds that I have. I absolutely hate them. They work well after spending hours cleaning them for about a tablespoon of paint.. then it's splatter time.
  2. Thank you for your replys mark. I have a balsa prototype I am finishing up. If it runs correctly, I am going to do a batch of ten or so of them. After that I, am going to attempt the identical lure out of PVC in order to evaluate the process and results. I had no idea that airbrush paints required heat setting. I will be doing this starting tonite. Being bald I am going to need to go buy a hairdryer..LOL
  3. heat setting? Can you tell me a little more about this Mark? Do you do this with createx paints or is it something that is done with the topcoats. Hairdyer? Heat Gun?
  4. I would really like to discuss the advantages of building with PVC. I see a member named Mark Poulson started a thread and wrote a great article on it but it is pinned for some reason. Anyone else experimenting with this? I was hoping to skip spraying with white and paint directly on the white PVC but Mark took a different approach. I am wondering why he still sprays with white.
  5. Wow, I remember when I used to try and spray that crap. I will say I learned a hell of a lot about how to clean an airbrush. 90 percent of your time will be spent assembling and disassembling your brush.
  6. Tail slightly down is best. This also puts the weight toward the tail and improves the casting distance and the attitude of the lure when it strikes the water. You dont want a lure flipping in the air. Also the bait radius should not match or exceed the radius of the blades. It takes a bit of experimentation but I love the strike on a great blade bait.
  7. I don't know what KBS is. Is that a topcoat? I use Devcon and I have used envirotex lite. When I glitter I mix it right in my topcoat and apply. I usually recoat after that cures.
  8. On many baits I prime, then thin coat epoxy. Doing it this way if I goof up on the paint, I can wipe off the paint and try again without repriming.
  9. Wow, tough break on the fire but I am glad everyone is OK. Would love to try the swimbait thing myself. I will be watching for it.
  10. Hoosierdaddy

    Pulse 2

    First completed lure in 9 years. It's coming back to me... SLOWLY
  11. Thats a great feeling isnt it. I once gave a lure to a tourney fisherman that had taken me out on his boat a few times. Just as a gift. He was in a tourney later that year and the bite was tough. Only two fish were weighed that day and the winner hit my lure. He ordered three of them after that. One to throw, one as a backup, and one as a display.
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