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  1. Long long long long time no post. Is Gator and/or Nathan still around?
  2. chirmy

    Kansas help

    Anyone in or around Kansas that has knowledge of Lake Milford near Junction City KS can you please PM me please? Thank you in advance.
  3. Happy Birthday Jerry!
  4. ICAST is closed to the public and very difficult to get into. I did it for Eric at Tacklemaking and for Jerry one year. Its all hype and all your stuff you invent on this site is usually on the big boy's tables at this event lol. The big prize is best of show and unless you have Roland or Jimmy in your booth or some fancy gimmmick you wont win ;o). We fish all year round out here and although it is hot in July, Mead is fun in the summer as long as you get out of the lower basin (pleasur boaters and jet ski's) The only down I see is cost as the economy and gas really suck. If anything, with a little gas money I can round up some club boats from the Federation and get as many as we can on the water if this goes. Next week is our State Qualifier and we are having Ray Scott out. Anyone wants to come he will be around all weekend April 18-20th at Cottonwood Cove on Mohave. Jerry gets me the Pass I will represent every summer as long as they keep comming back to Vegas.
  5. Hey Del how are you? Doing any tournament stuff? Mead and Mohave are full blown into the Quagga Crisis. dropped a camera in mohave a few weeks back and they are everywhere. It is amazing how clusters attatch to your line when fishing. Anyway CA is getting bad because of the Quagga so if fishing is involved in the Meet you may want to stay away from SO NEV or show up and we get enough local boats for who ever wants to go fish.
  6. SWEDE, How the heck are you? been a long time. As for TU, I still have a lot of the mold making stuff I wrote on the forums as well as the pictures of the shed I built to do all my pouring.
  7. wow, that goes way back. Anyone know what happend to Pabass or woodsac? Eric would let that thing go up than down than up than down, thats when Jerry started TU.
  8. Vegas and Chris I will help or Reno to cover all the west north and south. We did a stint at Lahontan last year that water is pretty fun providing it comes up
  9. Congratulations Natan. Page 34 of the magazine has a nice shot fo his bluegill.
  10. chirmy

    What the Hell

    This came up a while back on a western froum. Thats when one of our own was brought up. If you need a rat take a look at Nathan's. Bettencourtbaits.com
  11. Here is what I use to use http://www.pearlpaint.com/shop~ocID~2999~parentID~2972~categoryID~2970.htm You also need the activator.
  12. Very nice, The clear polyester resin can get expensive, you can also try fiberglass resin at boaters world, it is not clear but cheaper. the Pam could leave bubbles and you should not have to use it since the resin once cured shrinks.
  13. Nathan, Cant find TU Events, What are your dates this year? Thanks, Tim
  14. Any members have any input on this Lake? Woud greatly appreciate some input. Thanks,
  15. chirmy

    Lowrance 102C

    I just installed one on the front. It is pretty I have only had the opportunity of going out 1 time with it but I like it, just need to learn how to use it. You wont be disaapointed.
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