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  1. Looks like BTS is coming back!

    It's not so much the mods don't like the topic; just didn't feel this is the place to complain. In all honesty, it killed me that many of you weren't getting orders, refunds, or returned emails. Sounds like some steps are headed in the right direction. Great news!
  2. Saltwater soft plastic question

    Unless my old mind is playing tricks on me again, I believe we had a similar discussion the other day. I used to pour swimbaits for a couple charter boats in southern California. They liked 'em soft, and I mean SOFT. Started with saltwater plastic. Too tough, and they weren't happy with the action, plus that stuff is miserable to work with. Went to medium. Still not good enough for them. Added a bit of softener, and then thought, "Why not just try the super soft?" Now SS plastic is probably the last thing you'd expect in a swimbait, but it worked for those guys. They loved the action and didn't mind getting only one fish on a bait because of the lack of durability. Might not work in your neck of the woods, but something to consider.
  3. Site Software Update

    Looks great! Like Mark, I almost had a heart attack yesterday before reading your post. Started doing virus and spyware scans. DOH!!
  4. Topics

    Welcome to my world. As an old baseball guy, I've had every finger broken at least once. They were NOT made to work a smart phone. LOL Glad you got it figured out
  5. Topics

    Not sure what you mean by "read through?" Partial listings? Usually, ad blockers will solve the problem......or you might check to see if you have any anti-virus programs running in the background. Sometimes those will be the culprit.
  6. New to this site

    You might get some mixed opinions here, but personally I never liked starter kits because there's always gonna be molds and materials that you don't like or will never use. I'd recommend starting with a couple baits that YOU like to fish and go from there. Once you get good, you can move on to other molds. Just my
  7. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Ah......gotcha. That's a tough one. Looks a touch more like GP than watermelon.
  8. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    The non-laminate color looks like LC's minnow silver to me.
  9. Thanks

    Those look great. Nice goin'!
  10. How's this?

    Can't tell a difference. Nice job!
  11. New...Just Joined

  12. swimbait tail

    Could also just simply be a plastic issue. Using a tougher plastic on most swimbaits will give you better action.
  13. Soft plastic coloring help

    Yup.......looks like a light green pumpkin to me. The cut pieces are lighter because they are thinner.
  14. Technical term? Custom swimbait spinner thingamajigger. LOL And yes.........excellent freshwater bait. If anyone remembers the "Beetle Spin," we would add a small swimbait to those with great results!
  15. Help Chartreuse

    +1, 'specially with chartreuse and fluorescent colors.