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  1. Chemical components of Plastisol

    Many of us have had that problem since the last server update. When you visit the site, just click on any forum and you should be logged in. In other words, your password is saved. You just don't know it. LOL
  2. Presto Pot questions

    If you can, invest in more molds, even if you are just a hobby pourer. That's always the most obvious answer. Nothing worse than waiting on baits to cool, and they will take longer and longer as the molds get hotter.
  3. Micro bubbles

    Wow.....clever idea!
  4. Micro bubbles

    That's what I found too. If you rule out bad plastic and moisture, cook more and eventually those bubbles will burn off the top.
  5. Apology for posting pics

    Hey no worries. This has always been a tough one for me. I think there's a HUGE difference between being proud of a product you made versus self-promotion, but I guess that's just me. Nice looking baits you have there. Just keep them in the gallery and you're good.
  6. Happy thanksgiving

    Right back atcha, Rick......and to all TU members and their families.
  7. History of tackleunderground

    Speak for yourself, brother!
  8. History of tackleunderground

    I hardly ever visit the hard baits section because........quite frankly.........your talent scares me! LOL But I happened to notice this thread and got me times have changed! Nate......please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we were one of the first half dozen or so members? Sure is awesome to see what has become of the site!
  9. First soft plastics

    Well done!
  10. Minnow silver

    Minnow silver was one of my favorites and you shouldn't have any problem re-heating, provided there are not other additives in there.
  11. Eyes on Soft plastics

    I'll second that. Great stuff!
  12. airbrushed soft baits

    Great looking baits......both you guys!!
  13. Bobs or Do-It

    General consensus is stay away from Bob's for now. No one really knows what's going on.
  14. Any must have colors?

    Yeah that's the problem. I think a question like yours should be started with...... "I'm placing an order for colors........and my budget is........." Otherwise, everyone and their mother will give you ideas. LOL
  15. Zoom Candy bug color?

    Looks like junebug to me, but with small green flake. Use LC black grape for your base color.