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  1. alsworms

    Handpour and inject

    X2. Great stuff as usual, Monte!
  2. alsworms

    Don'ts for Newbies

    Well done. Those look like fish catchers to me!
  3. alsworms

    Hello from Stockton

    You know......I've been meaning to bug you about that!
  4. alsworms

    Hello from Stockton

    Howdy, neighbor! I live in Fresno, just a couple hours south of you. Happy to have you aboard, Robert!
  5. I mixed and matched just about everything available at the time. I did some pretty crazy stuff back then. LOL. You should be fine.
  6. I never had a problem mixing hardeners/softeners with different brands of plastics.
  7. alsworms

    Segmented Paddle Tails

    Got a picture?
  8. alsworms

    Kelly Wiggler Paint

    Spike-It is great stuff!
  9. alsworms


    I called mine an Alsenko, and was shocked when I got a cease and desist letter from Yamamoto. Mine were hand pours and I sold VERY few. LOL Anyway, changed the name to Stick Bait.
  10. alsworms

    A.I. 2.75 tube pics?

    Lure Craft has a chocolate brown. That's about as dark as I've found.
  11. alsworms


    Take a look at Pro Cure's stuff. They have a HUGE variety.
  12. alsworms

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome, Allen. Glad to have you!
  13. alsworms

    2019 Lure Contest Now Underway!

    Jigs are listed under wire baits, so I'd put them in there.
  14. alsworms

    7.5 inch worm molds

    I'm almost positive Lure Craft has them in 7 inch. Maybe give them a call? (260) 829-1274
  15. alsworms

    Florescent Pink?

    So many things have changed since I poured, but I always read that all flo colors need to be added to cold plastic.