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  1. Well I was no professional, always lost a few, but for the most part they stayed in tact pretty well.
  2. Always best to clean them first. You are on the right track. I always placed mine in the kitchen sink (my wife LOVED that - LOL), cool water and Dawn. Make sure they are really dry so they will adhere to the pan. Good luck!
  3. It's been awhile for me too and I actually had to think about the color of the hardener. Yup......white but liquid. That should work for you. Good luck!
  4. Not sure about a "clear" hardener, but I know MF makes a liquid that is much easier to work with. Lure Craft's version is next to impossible to deal with!
  5. Awesome.......congratulations! Spoil that little one :-)
  6. DO A SEARCH!!! Sorry.....couldn't resist. Welcome to TU, Kjsoxfan :-)
  7. That's interesting. You would think with a name like Huddleston, there would be no flaws. Either that or the air pocket worked and they said if it ain't broke, don't fix it. LOL
  8. Lure Craft watermelon was my favorite when I poured, but I do believe they've changed a few of their formulas.
  9. Looks like either green pumpkin or brown watermelon to me. Little bit dirtier color, so my first guess is brown melon.
  10. Do you have a sample picture we can take a look at?
  11. Good man. Tell him howdy for us!
  12. This used to be pretty common, not so sure if that's the case these days, though. You have something different. Something fishermen haven't seen. Maybe one of those guys wins a tournament or catches a nice fish on your bait. Maybe he tells a friend and he tells a friend. Next thing you know it's taking off. Happens with every "hot" lure. Think Senko, Chatterbait, Basstrix, etc. If you don't want to sell your baits, one of 3 things will happen...... 1) You will tell them no 2) You will continue selling them your baits at outrageous prices until they realize they are outr
  13. I always used MF because it was in liquid form. All others at the time were clumpy and miserable to work with.
  14. You will need something to pour with. For an open pour mold, tin cups are the best. The cups are what goes on the hot plate, NOT the mold. You will melt that sucker in a heart beat!
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