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  1. alsworms

    MF worm plastic problem

    Exactly what I was thinking. Something else going on. I don't think I've ever had an MF jug hard pack. Then again, I used the super soft formula. Might be different with regular.
  2. alsworms

    Berkley powerbait worms

    That's funny. For some reason, I always think of aluminum molds as "unbreakable." I guess if they're dropped on a garage floor, lights out!
  3. alsworms

    What is the best dye to use?

    And there it is. I go into our post office every day, and it's been a madhouse lately. I'll bet you won't have the same problem in January.
  4. alsworms

    Berkley powerbait worms

    I made countless PoP molds that lasted several years, provided they were coated from time to time. I used Minwax Polyurethane, but some guys have different preferences. Once the baits started getting a little sticky, I knew it was time to coat them. Usually let them sit for 48 hours and they were good to go. Oh yeah.......and don't drop them. I've done that too.......more than I care to say.
  5. alsworms

    strike king plum

    I looked at my recipe and it read 6 drops black grape and 5 drops red in 4 ounces of plastic. Now this particular plum looks a bit more red, so I believe Monte nailed. Go more on the red side.
  6. alsworms

    Hello from Montana

    Welcome, Joe. Great to have you!!
  7. alsworms

    strike king plum

    I always used black grape with red. I'd have to check my notes, but I believe it was 3/4 black grape.
  8. alsworms

    Pearl powder?

    Sure nailed it there! I still have about 50 baits lying around my computer that were sent to me by customers through the years. LOL But yes.....nothing compares to actually having the bait in hand.
  9. alsworms

    Margarita Mutilator

    Roboworm has never failed to amaze me!
  10. alsworms

    Margarita Mutilator

    Bottom - LC brown or a dark MF cinnamon Middle - 3 drops LC blue with 1 drop black and a touch of blue hi-lite Top -5 drops LC purple This mixture would be in 4 ounces of plastic
  11. alsworms

    Coloring for Plastic Baits

    Wow....strange that it would be giving you problems now.
  12. alsworms

    Coloring for Plastic Baits

    For colors, I used Lure Craft and MF exclusively, so I can't speak for Do It. I'm assuming you mix the fluorescent colors before heating the plastic? I always made sure the color was mixed really well and added to cold plastic before heating and never had any problems. LC and MF are very different, but both serve their purpose. Couple of examples.......I preferred MF motor oil to LC (LC seemed to change their mixture a few times over the years,) and MF's pumpkin was very light no matter how many drops I added, but LC's pumpkin is dead on. Just something you have to play around with.
  13. alsworms

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    Always wondered that myself.
  14. alsworms

    Basic Starting colors

    Red and black were my most used glitter colors. Large black with small red always look great!
  15. alsworms

    Toledo Special

    Looks like black grape over green pumpkin to me.