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  1. I think Lime Green would be a safe bet. That picture almost looks like 2 colors. Like maybe watermelon base over clear with the flake.
  2. alsworms


    Few different varieties of whiskey out there. Best thing to do would be drop a picture here of what you're shooting for.
  3. +1, but I added glitter before heating and never had a problem. Either your plastic is too hot or it's low quality glitter. As mentioned, stay away from craft store stuff.
  4. I was hoping for a chance to see you guys get kicked outta that golf course pond.
  5. Excellent job. Great start, but next time please post your pictures in the gallery.
  6. I was a victim of the blue gun as well. Don't think I've met someone who made it work. LOL
  7. Man that's awesome! I sure couldn't have shown you my work place because I was probably the most unorganized pourer on the planet. But at least I knew where everything was, so there's that........
  8. I keep forgetting there are so many other glitter options out there now. I'm sure with a little work, you could match this one to a T!
  9. Maybe I'm not looking at the right color, but I don't see red. I see black, chartreuse, and purple.
  10. Agreed, as I had the same problem. Think smoke or dark smoke and you should be fine.
  11. Wow......I'd sure say so!!
  12. Nice! As I've gotten older, I've been doing a bit more shore fishing lately. Will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!
  13. YES! I worked with match head sizes.
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