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  1. That's kind of a loaded question as you will get a multitude of answers. Have you tried using the search function yet? Best thing to do is search some of your questions (best plastic, glitter, etc.) and that should answer many of your questions. Good luck, and welcome aboard!
  2. That was one hell of a read! My old mind is still looking for the translation button, but still......... Seriously, great stuff, and thanks for sharing!
  3. This was a good 10 years ago, and I'm still blown away by it. They kept saying, softer, softer, softer.......until the super soft did the trick. I guess they didn't mind paying a buck for a 4 inch swimbait when it netted them a nice fish. lol
  4. Nailed it. I poured swimbaits for a guy who would sell to saltwater charter boats, and they always preferred action over durability. "The softer, the better," they would always say. As hard as it may be to believe, I made all their baits using MF super soft.
  5. Pardon my ignorance as I know NOTHING about CNC molds, but would it be around 150-200 for a single cavity mold? What would a 4 or 5 cavity mold run? Reason I ask is I could never have worked with just a single cavity. That would drive my crazy! lol
  6. Well it's definitely NOT Lure Craft avocado as it's much darker. That pic looks like MF amber green to me.
  7. Yup......I still use 'em and they're as deadly as ever!
  8. Can't help with injection or aluminum molds, but if you're looking for an open-pour silicone mold, Lure Craft has tons of them. If memory serves me right, I believe they have a couple very similar to this bait. Maybe not exact, but close.
  9. Heard of cherry seed, but not black cherry. Zoom makes a blackberry, which is just black with purple flake. Do you know who makes it......or could you post a pic?
  10. I would add black or white (or pearl) colors. Those were a MUST for me, but that looks like a hefty enough of a first order. LOL.. Maybe in time.
  11. I was assuming the mold was okay and he just wanted to get rid of the dull look.........which is a common problem with silicone molds. I never had any problems using worm oil in those molds. Just a thin layer will work and needs to be repeated after every half dozen pours or so.
  12. I think in most cases......yes. Seems that all of Lure Craft and MF scents are worm oil with scent added. Scents like Pro Cure and Upper Hand are their own mixtures. Anyone in the "know," please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Both of them work on my end?
  14. I used a Q-tip to evenly distribute the worm oil in the cavity........sometimes just my finger if I was lazy. lol
  15. 1) Depends on what color you're using. I had the same problem with those 2 colors until switching to a non-bleed colorant. 2) Bear has been having health issues and is way behind on orders and such. Oops....second glance and had him confused with BTS. Not sure about Bear.