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  1. Beat me to it! Here's one that I found on Ebay............. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GLASS-BEAD-10-LB-6-50-70-SAND-BLASTER-SANDBLASTING-BLAST-MEDIA/361595395748?hash=item5430c3dea4:g:1bEAAMXQTT9RwOpV
  2. I think this is a preference thing, but I used a ton of medium (.035) glitter.
  3. Spot on, not to mention pouring at high temps with cheap craft glitter can easily cause the glitter to curl and discolor your plastic.
  4. Welcome aboard! There are plenty of saltwater guys here who can help you with that. Enjoy your stay :-)
  5. You will never forget your first batch of good baits. Well done!
  6. Most vegetable oils will make your baits harden up like pencils.
  7. Something I might recommend is starting with open pour molds rather than injection. When you mentioned injection molds, my first thought was there goes a HUGE chunk of money. Open pours are affordable and you learn a thing or two along the way. Then if you feel it's something you want to dive deeper into, injection could be something for the future. Just food for thought. Good luck!
  8. I can't tell if it's laminated or not, but it looks like just watermelon or a light green pumpkin with small black and silver flake. Laminate the belly side with pearl if you like.
  9. I'm a pest control guy and there are products and materials that I just can't get my hands on because of these trying times. I have been dealing with back orders and out of stock for months now. I'm sure that's the problem with MF. They have always been a very solid company and I'm sure things will turn around.
  10. Looks like their current contact info doesn't include a phone number. Only email, Facebook, and a "Contact Us" field.
  11. Yes and sorry I didn't catch that. Mixing of the container needs to be done for most brands before pouring.
  12. Did you mix it well?
  13. Okay looks like no one wants to play. LOL. I agree that it is "made or done to order for a particular customer," but do not necessarily agree that it cannot be resold. Now I wasn't a custom lure guy, but more of a custom color guy. If I made a custom color, some guys were very hush hush about it and of course I would only make it for that particular customer. Some guys actually told me that I should add their custom color to my website so ordering it would be much easier for them. In either case, I would always ask for the customer's permission before selling to the public. I imagine, however, when talking about a custom "lure," entirely different story.
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