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  1. New guy and now scared to death??

    Make sure you know what you're remelting before remelting!
  2. Site Software Update

    I hope I'm not the only one, but I've got an entirely different look to the site. I checked most other bookmarks before moving into panic mode, but this seems to be the only one. I just assumed some kinks are being worked out.
  3. Bob's tackle shop

    Yup......good point. With the problems that many have encountered, I wouldn't think of ordering unless you talk to them first.
  4. Dyeing Tails

    Have you tried doing the tail color first, then pouring the body over that?
  5. Soft Plastic Swimbait Master

    Well done!!
  6. New invader from the great white north

    Welcome aboard!!
  7. Worm oil and packaging

    I meant first site only. If you want to show off your colors, worm oil is the way to go because it will really make the baits shine, whereas salt will sometimes hide them. If I made baits for myself, it was salt all the time.
  8. Worm oil and packaging

    I thought a pretty good rule was...... Attract fishermen: Oil Attract fish: Salt
  9. Worm oil and packaging

    I shook them around in popcorn salt.
  10. Uv and glow additave

    Nice goin'. Those look great!
  11. Plastic Mfr / Distributors

    Thanks for the repost, Rick. This is some really useful information!!
  12. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    LC is what I used and problem solved!
  13. What do you think?

    I know a couple guys who did this, but it seemed like too much work for me. I chose to just mix.......and mix.......and mix......and mix.....which was probably more work.
  14. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    Oh don't get me wrong. I know why everyone does it. I just didn't have the options that are available today. As you mentioned, I'm not sure if I would have spent the money anyway. One thing I will kindly disagree on though........I never felt that I ended up with a poor quality product. If I sold it, I thought it was good quality. I just couldn't kick out the numbers that you guys are doing today.
  15. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    Once again, I have to go old school here...... I struggled with Junebug BIG TIME......until I changed over to black grape. It wasn't a glitter problem nearly as much as a color problem. Personally, I think the darker color masked any bleeding from the glitter. I could use pretty much any green glitter and make a nice junebug as long as black grape was the base color.