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  1. alsworms

    Newbies first attempt

    Well done!
  2. alsworms

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    Good point. Seen many come and go on here through the years.
  3. alsworms

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    There are a few videos on Youtube if you haven't checked that out.
  4. alsworms

    Starter Kit

    I was never a fan of starter kits because there's always going to be something in it you don't like or never use. I think it's best to pick a few molds, colors, glitter, etc. that YOU use and move on from there.
  5. alsworms


    Hey Dave, Sorry to hear about this. I understand hip replacements have come a long way. Hope that's the case with you. Here's to a quick recovery!
  6. alsworms

    Another Hook-in-Finger story

    Oh man.....that can't be good!
  7. alsworms


    Nailed it. If it doesn't say polyester, I wouldn't use it.
  8. alsworms


    If you hover over Activity on the upper right, you will see a drop down list. Click on Search and type in "Bubbles" or "Bubbles in plastic" and you should get a ton of information. Very common problem and we've discussed it a bunch.
  9. alsworms

    Plastic Lure Scents

    Personally, I think this is a confidence thing. Always had great luck with anise, but some of those seem outrageous. Who would ever think of mixing tuna and rose???
  10. alsworms

    Bleed through

    Nice job and awesome color!
  11. alsworms

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Hmmmm.......not that I can remember, but I kept all mine in 1 gallon zip bags on the shelf in my garage. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  12. alsworms

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Here's the LC link.... You might also try Pro Cure Scents at They have a wide variety of saltwater scents. Never tried their crab scent, but had good luck with Anchovy and Herring. Here's a link to what you might be looking for.... Scroll down to the bottom to see all the choices.
  13. alsworms

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    I never had good luck with craft or store glitters. They can't take the high heat and will curl up and turn brown. Find some glitter that is polyester coated and you're good to go.
  14. alsworms

    Wow ........ now we are selling Drugs

    Post has been deleted. NICE!
  15. alsworms

    How To Make This Color?

    The blue hi-lite is mixed with the plastic. In this case, it looks to be clear or light smoke.