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  1. anyone know how to do this

    Seems like a lot of work, but if they turn out looking like that........who cares!?
  2. Hollow Claw Craw from lure craft

    I just looked at some pictures, and man.......clever idea! But yeah.......also like to know if it actually works.
  3. Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!!!

    Have you tried using the search function? This topic has been discussed many times before. For some reason, the upper left hand search button is not working, but hover over activity in the upper right portion, click on search, and type in "bubbles" or "bubbles in plastic". Hopefully, you will find your answer there.
  4. Hello From Ohio

    Welcome, Jake!
  5. Yamamoto color 204

    Can't seem to find a good picture. Do you have one?
  6. Green highlight problems

    I mixed all my stuff in cold plastic, including hi-lites and never had a problem. That's why I'm thinking you are either not mixing enough (the hi-lite is not being evenly distributed in the plastic) or there could be a problem with that particular product.
  7. Green highlight problems

    This is an odd one as I've never heard of that before......especially since the blue is working. You mentioned adding before heating. That's not necessary with hi-lite colors; only fluorescents. Have you tried heating as the plastic starts to turn clear? Not sure if that would make a difference, but worth a try. Otherwise, I'd contact the supplier.
  8. Pictures do not show?

    Just got an answer and that's the way it's always been. Copy and paste the link.
  9. Pictures do not show?

    Thanks for catching this. I never visit that portion of the site, but I'll send the info over to Curt. For now, you can copy the link given and paste in another window. The picture will show up fine.
  10. Dead on plastix

    Locking this thread now.
  11. New member here

  12. Those look great! In the future, please post your pictures in the gallery.
  13. Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    Welcome! Honestly, that's a loaded question. Cheapest is not always (in fact, rarely) the best, and what works for some guys might not work for others. Lots of great brands out there now and hopefully other members will chime in with their opinions. Personally, I used MF almost exclusively. Again, definitely not the cheapest, but it worked for me. Very consistent plastic. There are newer brands that I never got a chance to try. Good luck!
  14. Any one care to share their AYU recipe

    If I remember right, I believe I used Lure Craft's amber brown with just a pinch of gold hi-lite.
  15. The lies about salt for the newbie

    I think this is about confidence and personal preference. When a friend of mine would fish our local river, we would do salt tests during spring and early summer. Most of the time, the guy fishing in the back of the boat would catch fish 3 to 1 with a salted bait. Was it the salt? I can't say, but we always felt more confident with salt injected baits.