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  1. It's been a few years since I've been in it, but I remember there were a couple times they were on vacation and orders were shipped a little late........BUT they would inform the customer of that first. Keep calling as I'm sure you'll get through. Their customer service is incredible.
  2. Never had a problem with Lure Craft. How long ago was the order?
  3. There is some scary talent here, for sure! Glad the forums have helped you.
  4. Wow......not the first and probably won't be the last time something awesome happened because of a mistake!
  5. To be honest, you'll probably be waiting a while as this topic has been discussed many times before here. Just double checking to make sure you have the right number..... 623-931-9405
  6. From what I see, maybe either small silver or holograph?
  7. The top post by Curt is a list of the 3 winners in each category, and if you look above that and a bit to the left, you will see "Lure Contest." Click on that and you can look at any of the years contests, from 2014 to 2019, including all pictures and submissions. Hope this helps.
  8. I have to say judging a contest like this is no easy task. You all have some scary talent!!
  9. Good to hear, and welcome!! There are some serious brainiacs here should you ever get stuck.
  10. Lure Craft and MF were my go-to places, but as mentioned, there are many other options out there now.
  11. Looks more like a light watermelon or an amber green to me. You got a picture of what you're trying to match? They all look slightly different to me.
  12. Those would KILL on our river. Nice job!!
  13. Agreed. Only local stores. Worked out okay for me as well.
  14. X2. Great stuff as usual, Monte!
  15. Well done. Those look like fish catchers to me!
  16. You know......I've been meaning to bug you about that!
  17. Howdy, neighbor! I live in Fresno, just a couple hours south of you. Happy to have you aboard, Robert!
  18. I mixed and matched just about everything available at the time. I did some pretty crazy stuff back then. LOL. You should be fine.
  19. I never had a problem mixing hardeners/softeners with different brands of plastics.
  20. Spike-It is great stuff! https://www.ispikeit.com/
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