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  1. I have to say judging a contest like this is no easy task. You all have some scary talent!!
  2. Good to hear, and welcome!! There are some serious brainiacs here should you ever get stuck.
  3. Lure Craft and MF were my go-to places, but as mentioned, there are many other options out there now.
  4. Looks more like a light watermelon or an amber green to me. You got a picture of what you're trying to match? They all look slightly different to me.
  5. Those would KILL on our river. Nice job!!
  6. Agreed. Only local stores. Worked out okay for me as well.
  7. X2. Great stuff as usual, Monte!
  8. Well done. Those look like fish catchers to me!
  9. You know......I've been meaning to bug you about that!
  10. Howdy, neighbor! I live in Fresno, just a couple hours south of you. Happy to have you aboard, Robert!
  11. I mixed and matched just about everything available at the time. I did some pretty crazy stuff back then. LOL. You should be fine.
  12. I never had a problem mixing hardeners/softeners with different brands of plastics.
  13. Spike-It is great stuff! https://www.ispikeit.com/
  14. I called mine an Alsenko, and was shocked when I got a cease and desist letter from Yamamoto. Mine were hand pours and I sold VERY few. LOL Anyway, changed the name to Stick Bait.
  15. Lure Craft has a chocolate brown. That's about as dark as I've found.
  16. alsworms


    Take a look at Pro Cure's stuff. They have a HUGE variety. http://pro-cure.com/store/
  17. Welcome, Allen. Glad to have you!
  18. Jigs are listed under wire baits, so I'd put them in there.
  19. I'm almost positive Lure Craft has them in 7 inch. Maybe give them a call? (260) 829-1274
  20. So many things have changed since I poured, but I always read that all flo colors need to be added to cold plastic.
  21. X3 and also make sure you mix the colorant really well before adding to plastic. Many of the flo colors separate badly.
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