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  1. Pop mold for resin swimbaits

    Beautiful work Rock!!!!!!! You Rock!
  2. Glitter and Epoxy

    I apply a coat of water based clear on the lure and then sprinkle the flake on while it is still wet.Let the water base dry and then apply epoxy top coat. I don't mix the flake with the epoxy.
  3. Balsa crank problems

    What is the density of the balsa you bought?
  4. removing paint from plastic

    90 to 120 psi
  5. removing paint from plastic

    We use a cabinet blaster. You can get them pretty cheap at places like Harbor Freight. They also have the soda.
  6. Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    What auto clear do you use?
  7. Best topcoat over acrylic?

    You will need a lure turner to apply it.
  8. Best topcoat over acrylic?

    Devcon 2 ton epoxy
  9. Wooden Square Bills Blowing out at high speeds

    Hey Dinger, are you very close to Hayward? I usually go up there in late may early June and fish Grindstone, LCO, Big Round, and a few others. Great Smallmouth fishing.
  10. Wooden Square Bills Blowing out at high speeds

    Does it blow out on the same side every time? If it does, it could be as simple as some fine tuning of the line tie.
  11. Citrus Shad, etc

    I'd say you pretty much nailed it . The only thing I can see would be to add holo foil in place of the pearl white. Kinda like a Fat Free Shad by Bomber. I think they also have a light chartreuse belly but I like your orange better.
  12. New to all this

    Real nice work!!!!
  13. 3D Printed Baits

    I do it all. I send them a disassembled lure and a working prototype along with the stl file.
  14. 3D Printed Baits

    I do! I also design lures for Bass Pro Shops and make their prototypes with the printer that are then sent to the factories for production.
  15. cottoncordell g finish

    I It has that rainbow effect.