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  1. Crankbait Help

    If you're going to make changes, just do one at a time. I would start with the ballast. If that doesn't correct the problem I would make sure the line tie and the lip are centered. If it tracks true its more than likely a ballast problem.
  2. Spy Baits

    I took a 110 knock off and removed the bill, pinned the weights to their most forward position. Then heated the line tie and rear hook figure 8 eyes and removed them. Screwed in some small hook eyes with counter rotating spinners and it worked perfect. The flat belly on the 110 gave it the wobble on the fall, and the additional weight of the screw eyes and spinners gave it the fairly good sinking rate which could be adjusted by size of split rings and hook size.
  3. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    I would do 2 coats.
  4. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    I buy a tall skinny glass, like a 6 inch shot glass. Holds like 3 oz or so. When I'm done dipping, I cover the top with clear plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. After a week or 2, I get a very thin skim coat at the surface which is very easy to remove and start dipping again. Your 4 oz can will fill it up
  5. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    Dipping is faster and better uniformed coverage. No waste. I have not had a problem with storage. You may get a skim coat on top but it is very easy to remove. Just try it!
  6. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    yes but dip don't brush
  7. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    Dick Nite S81 or KBS Diamond clear.
  8. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    Use a moisture cure urethane and dip don't brush.
  9. has anyone seen or used this lure design software

    This program is not for sale. You design your lure and then they print it out for you with a 3D printer. The problem is, if you read the fine print, they own your design.

    The hook bend is the part of the snap that catches on wood and vegetation causing it to open especially if it is hanging on the outside of a fish's mouth. The end of it is usually sharp and if brushed up against wood or strong vegetation can release itself.
  11. Frog problem

    You might want to try to make your legs out of silicon or some type of rubber. Here is one I made up. Here's what it looks like in the water.
  12. Multiple Airbrushes

    We use four at each station. 1 iwata , 3 paasches . iwata for detailed work and paasches for base coat, body color, back and belly.

    Mark, I'm not sure if moving the line tie up will make the lure more stable. I think it may slightly increase the width of the wobble though. Maybe that's why some of the old wiggle warts were so erratic and unstable because of the line tie being so shallow.

    The reason wiggle warts used snaps was because they had to rework their molds and it dropped the line tie figure 8 too low in the bill for a split ring. On some of the older warts you can see a square in the plastic around the line tie figure 8 where they reworked it. Snaps are not as dependable as split ring and not nearly as strong. They also tend to gather moss and grass more than split rings.
  15. Treble Hook Help