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  1. Hughesy

    Diamond clear

    2 dips and you'll be set to go
  2. Here's what I use http://www.masontackle.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=155
  3. Hughesy

    paint mixer

    At those prices, I think I'll mix by hand.
  4. Use Garmin's new livescope. You can see How deep your lure runs.
  5. Hughesy

    Chrome Baits

    Try using the search function . Type chrome in it and everything you need to know about chrome is there
  6. Hughesy

    Clear coat

    You're doing something wrong. With the bloxygen, I can keep a quart for months and never have it skim over. Just barely crack the lid and shoot the bloxygen for 2 seconds and close the lid. Works every time.
  7. Hughesy

    Clear coat

    Bloxygen https://www.amazon.com/Bloxygen-Preserver-Spray-Store-pack/dp/B0002088O8
  8. If you're going to use solvent based paint, why not use lacquer? Huge color selection in taxidermy catalogs.
  9. Bondo glazing putty
  10. Hughesy

    3 d printer

    Yes flexible filament is available.
  11. Hughesy

    3 d printer

    For those that haven't seen them before: https://cedarrunoutdoors.com/lure-building-and-craft/stencils/1-5-square-bill/
  12. There are many on the market from $7 to $20. Bass Pro Shops and I have the patent on such lures. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20090307959A1/en?q=Tim&q=Hughes&q=Bass&q=Pro&oq=Tim+Hughes+Bass+Pro
  13. Well its a copy of my original table rock shad but I'll give it a shot. I use lacquer paint and I know most don't so I'll just use general color names. 1. cover white entire lure. 2. mix white with a small amount of chartreuse for sides. 3. mix deep violet with a small amount of red. 4. pearl white belly. 5. black dot.
  14. Welcome back Tally! I'm still designing baits but I don't carve them anymore. Teched up a little bit and have been using a 3D printer. Its always a new adventure. Good to hear from ya!
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