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  1. What kind of wood is this?

    Looks like douglas fir but thats just a guess
  2. specialty tackle junior d

    10 to 12 feet.
  3. Need help with airbrush problems.

    I agree with Bob and Anglinarcher. The paint is shot. You need new paint and a soak job is a must. Install the .03 needle and tip. .02 is to small and is mostly used for thinned lacquer and inks.
  4. CAD and 3D printing

    If you printed this, it would have to be printed in 2 halves to make it hollow to give it buoyancy . Also weight would have to be added and figure 8 hook eyes installed. You could do a thru wire harness but the figure 8 eyes would be easier.
  5. CAD and 3D printing

    I do have a 3D scanner that can scan the outside of the lure. But to replicate the inside of the lure, it would have to be cut in half and then scanned. Or scan the outside and use a cad program to cut the lure in half and then design the inside of the lure how ever you want it.
  6. CAD and 3D printing

    Great job Blackjack. Very nice work. If you don't have a printer, send me your stl file and I'll print it up for ya. Man you have always made awesome lures. You are one of the best in the biz as far as I'm concerned
  7. Another Mold Question

    Yes. Brush it on as thin as you can. Some guys heat it a little but when I tried to heat it, it puddled up. Spray mold release is the best.
  8. removing paint from plastic

    I think I'll stick with soda blasting. Much faster and no sanding. Does look like a good alternative if you don't blast though.
  9. Crawfish Cranks

    I designed one for Bass Pro a few years back that swims the right way. My prototype had soft plastic claws on it but they voted those down to simplify the manufacturing process.
  10. 3d printed lures

    Well third time's a charm. I got to thinking about the 97 cents for the filament to make the frog and it just didn't seem right. The 97 cents was the amount the printing program came up with BUT, it took 7 meters of filament to print the frog. There is 400 meters on one roll of filament (1KG) which cost $20. So, that means I could print 57 frogs on one spool. $20 divided by 57 = .35 each. Sorry for all of the screw ups. I just thought the program was right but it must use a different cost on the filament. So total cost to print the frog is definitely 35 cents.
  11. 3d printed lures

    That is just the cost to print lure. This is not for production use. More for prototyping.
  12. 3d printed lures

    Well I made a mistake. Cost is $.97 for entire frog. See stats in upper left hand corner. Its hard to see but Build time: 1 hour 59 minutes Filament length: 6999.7 mm Plastic weight: 21.05 g (0.05 lb) Material cost: 0.97
  13. 3d printed lures

    Cost of filament to print entire frog was $.77. Flashforge Creator Pro
  14. CAD and 3D printing

    I looked at that program and it looks like more of a mechanical program for designing structural items like tools, parts, molds, ect. You might want to look into a modeling program like meshmixer. Its free also. It is what I used to make the frog above.
  15. CAD and 3D printing

    Jonister, what cad program are you using?