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  1. Hughesy

    custom creative paint

    If you're going to use solvent based paint, why not use lacquer? Huge color selection in taxidermy catalogs.
  2. Hughesy

    Repairing a balsa?

    Bondo glazing putty
  3. Hughesy

    3 d printer

    Yes flexible filament is available.
  4. Hughesy

    3 d printer

    For those that haven't seen them before:
  5. Hughesy

    Custom Swimbait

    There are many on the market from $7 to $20. Bass Pro Shops and I have the patent on such lures.
  6. Hughesy

    Table rock Shad Pattern - Lucky Craft

    Well its a copy of my original table rock shad but I'll give it a shot. I use lacquer paint and I know most don't so I'll just use general color names. 1. cover white entire lure. 2. mix white with a small amount of chartreuse for sides. 3. mix deep violet with a small amount of red. 4. pearl white belly. 5. black dot.
  7. Hughesy

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    Welcome back Tally! I'm still designing baits but I don't carve them anymore. Teched up a little bit and have been using a 3D printer. Its always a new adventure. Good to hear from ya!
  8. Hughesy

    Is there anyway to fix my lure?

    The white powder is from the oxidation of the internal weight. There is no way to clear this lure up other than separating the two halves and cleaning the inside.
  9. Hughesy

    Nickle & Gold Plating

    Try posting on the wire baits forum
  10. Hughesy

    Is there anyway to fix my lure?

    The only way I know of is to dissect the lure and clean it up from the inside.
  11. Hughesy

    Trying to track down a few RC .5 bodies

    I doubt you will find any blanks with good hunting action.
  12. Hughesy

    Custom Crank Baits

  13. Hughesy

    Lure eye size

    I would ask cedar run
  14. Hughesy

    What is this paint?

  15. Hughesy

    Clear coat drying

    Depends on what clear coat you are using. Epoxy must be turned. MCU, not necessary. Spray on clear coat, such as automotive, not necessary