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  1. Hughesy

    Clear coat drying

    Depends on what clear coat you are using. Epoxy must be turned. MCU, not necessary. Spray on clear coat, such as automotive, not necessary
  2. Hughesy

    Holographic/Color Shift

    It not paint. Its holographic foil tape. Do a google search. There are many brands. Here's one.
  3. Hughesy


    You might try the wire baits forum.
  4. Hughesy

    clear coating

    Kbs spray is gloss
  5. Well I'm pretty sure that color shift is only painted over a smooth black base coat and no normal paint should be applied over it or you will lose some or all of the shift. With KBS, I always use 2 to 3 coats. The directions say for marine application 3 coats are required.
  6. I don’t think the fish care if you use color shift at all. It all boils down to how much color shift YOU and your customers want.
  7. I guess it's like the old saying you "get what you pay for."
  8. I just don't think the folk art color shift is a strong color shift like Spaz Stix paints and other color shift paints. Auto air makes a strong color shift, I think it's their 4400 series. The folk art won't do this.
  9. Hughesy

    beads into paint bottle ?

  10. Hughesy

    overcoat for chrome?

    Man you do great work. Those are just flat beautiful.
  11. Hughesy

    New foil and nail art pics in gallery

    Those look great Chuck! I really like the rainbow trout!!!!
  12. Hughesy

    Very good to be back

    Welcome back!!! The shop looks great!
  13. Hughesy

    Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    I use one of these little mixers for epoxy. Let her run for 5 minutes or so (depending which epoxy you use) and it comes out mixed perfect with no bubbles. It has a little chunk of steel that rolls around the sides and mixes everything great.
  14. Hughesy

    Shine effect?

    I use the lacquer version a lot. When sprayed over white you get a blue sheen on the white. The darker the background color is the more pronounced the blue color. Over black you will get a beautiful iridescent blue. In the picture you can see the colors it produces over black starting with green on the tail to blue to red to gold.
  15. Hughesy

    Shine effect?

    LifeTone Hydro - Mist Iridescent Blue