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  1. I found a gal. of plastic I didn't know I had. It is Poly One Hi Duro Clear PX-C-240, and I don't remember if it is soft of hard. Can somesone tell me something about it? Thanks! Jack
  2. Yes, a standard vent hood will work fine, I have used one for many years.
  3. Hey Jim, Me and the Grandson always go to the Classic, so we will see you there, great looking baits. Later<>< <>< <>< Jack
  4. I have some of the Lurecraft Silly Rabbit and I also have some of the Money Minnow, they both look good. I have not tried them yet, hope to next weekend. Here is the web site to the Money Minnows, they are suppose to be a copy of the Bastrix. http://moneylures.com/ Later<>< <>< <>< Jack
  5. Jackllbass

    What is this?

    Ghost, that is exactly what it is, impurities, just scrape it off like you are doing and keep pouring. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  6. Jackllbass

    Painting eyes

    Pop, I use flexcoat on all of my spinnerbait and jig heads to protect the eyes I put on. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  7. I fished Guntersville this past weekend with the BASS Pros, and one of my pros I fished with was using one of your male Bluegill swim baits on bass beds. I seen the bait and I knew it was one of yours, because I bought one at the Classic in Feburary. He said he had caught many good bedding bass on it. He proceded to show me how to do it. I learned alot watching him. You make a great bait. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  8. The injectors from Janns are the same as the Super Sport injectors. They will work, but you have to be carefull with them. I have used them for many years, and they do a good job, but be careful. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  9. Cal, Get a dowell rod the size of eye you want and start painting. Later<>< <>< <>< Jack
  10. Darrin, I have been using those two piece molds for about twenty-five years and I have had good results. I own about sixty-five of those molds, but I bought them, as I said twenty-five years ago, and not from Janns. I bought them from the oringinal company for about two dollars each. I have been burnt from the plastic, you have to be careful with any hot material you are around. These molds make a very good product. Later<>< <>< <>< Jack
  11. It's hard to dip a spinnerbait without getting it on the wire of hook. I coat mine and before I put them back into the oven to cure, I scrape off the extra paint on the wire or hook that I don't want. This is an extra step but it is the only way I know to do it. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  12. Johnson's Baby Oil works as good as anything, I have been using it for over 30 years on my plastic baits, don't get an off brand, get Johnson's. Later<>< <>< <>< Jack
  13. Jackllbass


    Shaggy, I have used the buttered salt and it works fine but it turns the color you are using a yellow color, or a combination of the color you are using plus the yellow salt. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  14. Changeable means that the color of the plastic changes depending on the light. This does this because of the color, not what you mix in it. The colors are motor oil (changeable) and brown grape (changeable) Just mix either of these colors in your plastic and you have a color changing bait. Hope this explains it for you. Later<>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
  15. I have been using Johnson Baby Oil for thirty years in my bags of soft plastics with no problems at all. Don't buy cheap baby oil always get Johnsons. Later <>< <>< <>< <>< Jack
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