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  1. I am looking for someone to draw up a custom mold ( do-it style) for me. I have some one to cut it, if you aren't able to. Anyone know who can do this? Any ideas on cost?
  2. Hey 'm willing to make a deal on these, trade possibly... Musky baits or Do-it molds? I'd like to get rid of these. If interested email me at keith@chumslures.com
  3. Thanks. I had a few students help me get started, we are trying to get the scanner figured out. We get a decent scan but the sides are not aligning up correctly.
  4. A friend has a cnc BUT I need the molds I want to make in CAD. How / what is the best / quickest way to learn CAD? Is there a program that is easier to learn? I really need to learn and do this. Also any cheap scanning services? Keith
  5. Anyone willing to offer some advice on making new molds for a spin caster? I am able to get the jig I want in a CAD drawing and milled, but my question is how do I turn that into a spincasting mold. (Ive only use "standard" jigs in molds before) If i just have the shape drawn and milled into one solid shape how do I account for the hook? PM me if you want. Little Sal
  6. Sure send me a message at keith@chumslures.com Keith
  7. I had brass bodies made for musky in line spinners that I am never going to use. I have a few thousand. They are 1/2 ounce. I know Janns Netcraft sells them for around $1.30 each, I'm asking $0.30 each in bulk. I'd like to sell them all. I need to get rid of them.
  8. I need to get my jigs ready for retail packaging. I am thinking of two options: 1. Clamshells with a printed label that goes the whole way around - helping to keep the shell closed. - I think Eagle Claw does this with some of their hooks. 2. A folded and printed card holding a small poly bag that is stapled in the middle holding the jig heads. Any one know of any places that won't break the bank?" I hate paying 50% of the manufacture price for the container. Thanks, ' keith
  9. Thanks I use Excel now, but Im not as proficient as I'd like to be and have looked into QuickBooks,
  10. Not sure which section to post this in so... I'm trying to keep better inventory and track of everything. I mainly do jigs and flies. What does everyone use? QuickBooks?? Little Sal
  11. I would really like to find some experienced spin casters, and mold makers, who are will to give a little advice? Please let me know who you are or PM me. Greatly appreciated Keith
  12. Who makes a better spin caster? Contenti or Tekcast or???
  13. I am looking for a company to make some soft plastics for me. We are mainly a jig head company and not sure I want to invest time and money into production yet. Looking for a production company with good prices. the styles would depend on prices Thanks
  14. Anyone who does use createx could you let me know your process? Jans net craft has additives and talks about multi layers. Is it just a primer - paint - and top coat?
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