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    Spray Hood
  2. Paul

    HAPPY BIRThDAY Ken "Mylures" Schmitz

    Best wishes Ken - wow 60... Paul
  3. Paul

    Swap Package

    Hey Guys I am reading about these great sounding lures...can someone take some pics of them? thanks Paul
  4. Paul

    Lure Making DVD

    Hi Guys I know a lot of you guys fish for musky and some of you make your own lures....well I just found the most informative DVD on making Musky and Pike Lures, I was amazed at the quality of the 2 DVD set - all together it is about 3 hours and it covers making (Parrywinkle lures, Bobbie Baits, Shad type lures, Painting and Finishing your lure, Bucktail In Line spinners, Bucktail Spinnerbaits, and finally Leaders. It is very detailed - showing everything from the raw wood to the finished product. I have seen other videos and they don't even compare to the quality and detail found in this DVD set. Give JP (out2llunge) a shout and he will get you "hooked" on lure making - I know I will be making musky lures in the near future. Check out I am in no way associated with this company - I just thought people would like to see how it is done....and give it a try. thanks Paul
  5. Paul

    assassin hard baits?

    Try this link.... Nathan will help you out...
  6. Paul

    mr. trout

    That is beautiful.....are the gill fins painted on??
  7. Paul

    Lead Alternatives

    Hey Guys Well it is starting up here in Canada - they are starting to talk about banning lead in fishing I was wondering what are some alternatives - I know of bismuth - but what else is there?? Can you use stuff like tin or aluminium....just put it in the melting pot and pour it into the mold?? I am starting to look for altenatives. thanks Paul
  8. Paul

    New Product Evaluation.

    That sounds like fun - I might give it a try up here....
  9. Paul

    New Product Evaluation.

    Hi I am not familiar with jug fishing - sorry I live in Canada - maybe it is a southern State thing - can you explain how it works? thanks Paul
  10. Paul

    Glow in the dark powder paint

    Hi Guys Is this the type that you heat up the (lure) and dip it in the powder and it melts to the (lure)?? I have never tried the glow stuff - I have tried the other powder paint - is it good for making jigs? Thanks Paul
  11. Paul

    Hardbait Color Book

    Hi Guys I see in the soft plastic section - they have a cookbook for everyone's favorites...I thought why not the same in the hard bait section - what is your favorite lure pattern and how do you do it?? Mine is a perch pattern I start with my primed white lure and spray it a chartreuse green - then when dry - I place my scale pattern over - which is a old pistachio bag - I spray a light black on the sides for the scale pattern - take the mesh off and spray the back a solid black - then I spray the belly in an orange and top it of with a little red around final step is to spray a gold flake paint over the whole lure.....this really comes out when the top coat is applied. What is your favorite pattern?? Thanks Paul
  12. Paul

    Funky Weather

    That sounds really nice - it is (-30) with the wind chill up here in Canada....if it was (16) here people would still be swimming It has been a little wacky up here also - oh well at least there is lots of ice for fishing...
  13. Excellent topic Ken - a little bird told me that I am getting a lathe for Christmas....I can't wait to give that a try....any tips from you guys would be great....I have printed off Red's thats where I am starting from.
  14. Paul

    Thru Wire Lure

    Hi Guys I just started making some thru wire question for you is - I am I doing this right?? I have the body already 6 inches of pine in the shape of a rapala type lure- got them from Ebay - I don't have a lot of tools I bought some... drill a hole thru the body - from one end to the other....then drill a hole about an inch and a half from the front end - for the belly hook. I then use my dremel and cut a slot for my diving lip...get everything lined up. I then make a small loop out of 18 gauge SS wire at one end of wire then another loop at the other end a very small piece - about 1/2 inch long....I fit this into the small hole in the belly making sure that the loop lines up with the hole which is drilled through the body....I then feed another piece of wire thru the back hole and out the front making sure that it goes through the belly hanger loop. I then make a loop at the back and then at the front and fill in the holes with epoxy and weight them accordingly - does that sound right?? When I make the loop - I wrap the wire around the shaft of the wire...I have seen some tutorials - where they just bend the wire in a loop...what do you do?? I guess it is stronger this way - but is it really necessary?? I would like to here some input on my process. thanks Paul
  15. Paul

    Can this make Lures

    Hey Guys I was on Ebay - look at this auction#2362957445 - could this be used to make crankbaits?? I don't know much about the CAD programs - thought someone here could tell me? thanks Paul