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  1. Lol.....and the definitely aren't easy to do cleanly either. Skeeter
  2. It is true that you don't need a lure painted 8 different colors to catch a fish. But oh...aren't some of them a work of art? I appreciate good work. Those guys just separate themselves from the rest of us. Personally, I appreciate their efforts. It keeps me striving to do better everytime I pick up an airbrush. Skeeter
  3. I think it is your environment. What is the temp in your shop? What is the humidity? I think your epoxy is curing too quickly. Skeeter
  4. I tear my gun down and clean it completely between each color. But I am shooting lacquer. I don't want any chance of colors being mixed. Skeeter
  5. My local Lowes has started carrying it. If not find a glass shop. You want .060 which is 1/16 th. Make sure it has a plastic coating on it to protect it from scratching. Plus you can draw on it to lay out your lips. Skeeter
  6. Years ago I did some reading on the different filters for masks. From what I read, there is no filter made to stop isocyanates. Great post. Good information. Thanks for sharing. Skeeter
  7. And the basketball courts are a joke with all of the players out there. Just like the golf course, the football fields, and the baseball diamonds. But the cream always rises to the top doesn't it? Most of us recognize true tallent, don't we? "How bad you want it?" Skeeter
  8. I think the bigger question is...."How much work are you willing to get into?" If your stuff is good and the orders come in, then remember you are going to have to come home from work and get to work. Then remember that you have to be there for your customers. I played the pro game for years. But it was the BFL guys that really beat me up. It just got to be too much. So much so that I became to hate making a bait. The enjoyment was gone. Then you have to deal with "Butt Heads" that want to complain about your prices, don't want to pay you after you finished their order, complain that the shade of red you used wasn't right or the guy that wants you to sponsor him. I am starting to get back into making baits again. I have a different approach. I make baits when I feel like it and when I enjoy it. If someone wants to buy one then he can pick from what I have done. No real pressure there. Always remember that in this business your name and reputation are as important as your work. Mess any of those up and you are done. Skeeter
  9. If Blades or Hughesy says it then you can take it to the bank! Skeeter
  10. Here is the way I see it. You just have to worry about yourself. You cannot stop what you are talking about. So you just need to do it better than everyone else. It is not an easy thing to do. Being the best never is. Bottom line is.....How bad you want it? Skeeter
  11. There aren't any "good" epoxies that you can use without a wheel. Skeeter
  12. I use a respirator when I spray. Mainly because I shoot lacquers. My thought is if you get lacquer particles in your lungs then they wont dissolve and flush out of your body because they are solvent based. That goes for urethanes too. Water based paints can eventually dissolve but paints of all kinds are getting better and tougher and I am still unsure what is contained in reducers for stuff like createx. I think we all can agree that it is more than just water. You are correct that isocanates can cause cancer if you are exposed a lot. But to my knowledge, there are no filters that can completely block them. Proper ventilation and good masks are the key when you shoot or dip. Taking fresh air breaks are good too in my book. Just be glad we aren't painting cars. Skeeter
  13. You can put a small bit of epoxy in the hole with a toothpick and just put a piece of clear scotch tape over it until it cures. Then you can slowly peel the tape off. The tape helps level out the fill in the hole. Edges may stll show but at least the bait will be sealed and it won't pop out. This problem can be caused by oil or dirt from you hands. But I have learned that devcon levels out best when the environment in your shop is between 70 to 74 deg. and the humidity is at least 60% or better. If the air is too dry it can cause the epoxy to cure quickly and draw up as it cures. If the temp is too cold then the epoxy becomes too thick to spread out evenly while it is on your wheel. If it is too high then it starts to cure too quickly and you could have the same problem. Everyone needs to remember that applying epoxy clearcoats is a skill, just like painting. Practice makes perfect. Skeeter
  14. I have never found much fault with Bob's advice. He is a credit to the site. Skeeter
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