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  1. What Are These & How Did I Get Them?

    It was caused by air bubbles in your mixture of epoxy rising to the top and popping while curing. Skeeter
  2. Bagley Fat Cats

    I have 2 Mama Cats. One is black and yellow and the other is Tn. Shad. Skeeter
  3. Epoxy Question

    Here is the link to the tutorial. For some dumb reason when I type a certain word then Plaster of Paris replaces the word in the document. Can't fix it. Don't know why. Hope the tutorial helps. Skeeter
  4. Home Made Lure

    Really enjoyed the video. I think you did an excellent job. Skeeter
  5. My First Airbrush Paint Job

    I think you did a wonderful job. Congratulations. Skeeter
  6. Mcu Questions

    You know Bob.... I am getting tired of this "I'm just a hobby builder" garbage. Strike King would be much better off if they would just hire you. Sorry brother, I am just too stubborn. No MCU for this kid. Skeeter
  7. Shaping Crankbait Bodies

    As always brother....... your exactly right. Skeeter
  8. Something Differant On A Crankbait

    I agree with BobP. Skeeter
  9. Building A Better Blank

    "In other words, what do I need to do to make a better blank that in the end catches fish?" Work hard and have patience. Skeeter
  10. Mcu Questions

    I tried a very popular MCU that guys use on this site. I have brushed it on and even shot it through an airbrush. The only problem that I experienced was that it took 3 1/2 weeks to FULLY cure. In 24 hrs. it looked hard, slick and clear. However, I was able to take my finger nail and crease the clear for over 3 weeks. Once it was completely cured it was hard as a rock. I just can't let a bait go to anyone until it is ready. That is just too much time for me. If it did truely cure in a day or so then I might use it. But all of the precautions (bloxygen, storage, shelf life, etc.) that you have to consider with it is a show stopper for me. The stuff is just too unstable and complicated in my opinion. Skeeter
  11. Spray Paint

    Save your patience, time, and money. Get an airbrush. Skeeter
  12. Horizontal Line Tie

    No Sir, we have had tons of rain, snow and ice her over the past 3 weeks. High Rock is a mud ball. Water temp is 46 deg. However, I do expect to get out in the next week or so. IT'S TIME !! Bless you all. Skeeter
  13. Shop Safety!

    To my knowledge the cancer causing agents in solvent based anything is isocanates. It is my understanding that there is NO FILTER that can catch it. I do wear a respirator when I spray. The main reason is to keep solvent based paints from getting into my lungs. They are not water soluable. Paint can stay there for a long time if you get enough of it. I have gotten PLENTY of lacquer paints, thinners, and clears on my hands over the past 16 years and I haven't grown a third arm yet. However, I do wear a glove on my left hand (the hand I use to hold the bait) when I mass shoot primers and undercoats. I have never worn the glove while shooting scales and finish work. They are cumbersome and just get in the way. I just need my fingers free when lining up nets and stuff. I am still alive and have not experienced any physical problems from shooting lacquer paint. Hughesy is still kicking. He shoots more paint in a week that I do in a year. Just take the proper precautions and shoot, mix or brush on your clears. You should be just fine. Skeeter
  14. Horizontal Line Tie

    TU just can't seem to get rid of me. NC is just as beautiful as always. Skeeter
  15. Horizontal Line Tie

    To me anything horizontal causes drag. That is just a bad word to me when designing or making a bait. Skeeter