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  1. I have never found much fault with Bob's advice. He is a credit to the site. Skeeter
  2. I have fished some baits with BS epoxy. The held up and looked just fine. IMO both brans work just fine. Skeeter
  3. If you are using quality paint then 24 hrs is good enough no matter what you thin your paint with. Skeeter
  4. My first thought is what paint are you using? If it is good paint it should not come off that easy. Also what glitter are you using? Forget shooting glitter through your Iwata. The tips are too small. Skeeter
  5. Jkid and all eyes are right. Did a lot of reading on createx and the wicked colors and auto air seem to perform the best. Go to their site..... a lot of good reading there. The advice that was given about contacting the company is excellent too. It will save you a ton of time getting the right answers from them. Skeeter
  6. My experience has been that you should do the entire lure. For sharp edges, you can just touch sand them enough to take the sharp edge off. Skeeter
  7. MBY, If I were you i would practice on an old lure. Skeeter
  8. LMAO.....You have to admit.....it was both fun and entertaining. Skeeter
  9. Just got done reading this whole post.....lot of stuff and thoughts. One person posted here in hard baits that they are here to start sharing everything that they have learned from the FB sites. Please start doing so sir. I am ready to learn. The Japanese did kick painting up a notch as far as looks. The lures are definitely pretty. It's just too bad that the paint doesn't stay on on the bait for long. I have baits that Tally and Coley made 9 years ago and they are stll holding up and look great. Many folks are here to help. I know that for a fact, because many have helped me. A lot of work goes into what they have suceeded and failed on. Personally, I feel if folks want to be a true craftsman they need to do the work too. I am always glad to help folks get over a hump or help with thoughts to get around a sticky problem, just not always give it away. It's just business. There are a few on this site that shoot more paint in a week than the rest of us do in a year. Many here have worked 60 hour weeks and still put the time in their shops to figure out how to make something work. I guess an old saying says it best.... "How bad do you want it?" Skeeter
  10. Wrong Mark.....I give guys. For over 16 yrs. clearcoats have been a topic and and there is still no real agreement. You guys have at it. I agree.... BobP knows epoxy. My hat is off to him as well. Skeeter
  11. Don't get me started Mark! Skeeter
  12. Let me save you the time. If you want tough and durability, nothing will beat devcon for the hobbyist. Skeeter
  13. Bingo !! Many also use UV cured clears. These are much better. However they are cured by UV lights. It's expensive if you do it right. One of the most overlooked parts is the UV bulbs themselves. Their intensity degredates over time of use. Even though they come on, their original intensity is not there. The quality of the bulbs that you use is important. Unless you are doing a high volume of baits at a time it may not be worth the investment. Skeeter
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