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  1. Brad

    silicone skirts for bucktails

    I don't remember for sure. I think the black ones are 1oz & the yellow is 2oz. I made a bunch with 1oz, 1.5oz & 2oz. Brad
  2. Brad

    silicone skirts for bucktails

    I've been using silicone on my muskie jigs & it works great. Brad
  3. Brad

    Detailed Mold

    The mold is a Collins aluminum. It happened on every pour, but I only pured 3. I didn't do any prep to the mold. The lead is ingots I bought off Ebay. I'm using a Lee pot, the smaller bottom pour model set and about #8 on the dial. Sagacious explained it perfectly (about the detail). I will try all the great suggestions & report how it turns out. Thanks to everyone. Brad
  4. Brad

    Detailed Mold

    Sorry about that. The mold has raised eyes with a recess for the 3D eye (like a bugeye jig). When I pour it, I get the raised part but not the lead "lip" that forms the recess. I hope this helps. Thanks, Brad
  5. Brad

    Detailed Mold

    I'm trying to pour a spinnerbait that has some small details. the problem I'm having is that the lead will not flow into some of the smaller grooves. Is there anything I can do to get the lead to fill-in those areas? Thanks, Brad
  6. Brad

    anybody have/make these?

    I think these are the same
  7. Brad

    Production Jig Molds

    No, just unpainted jigs. I've bought a mold from Shawn C. & love it. Brad
  8. Brad

    Production Jig Molds

    I've done business with Dragonfly Lures (Jigs), great guy!!! Brad Killing Time Tackle Co.
  9. Brad

    big spinner bait molds

    I had Shawn make me an 8oz spinnerbait mold, it's perfect. I think his correct address is Brad Killing Time Tackle Co.
  10. Brad

    Need CNC help

    I'm having Shawn make me a mold right now, great service and a fair price
  11. Brad

    Creeper wings? Dick has them, as shown in the other link, but I think he's on vacation until April. The wings are in the PDF catalog.
  12. Brad

    Is RTV Silicone heat resistant?

    Thanks, I might have to give it a try.
  13. Is RTV Silicone heat resistant? Can I make a mold out of it and use it to pour lead jigs? Thanks. Brad
  14. Brad

    Tail Blade

    also at
  15. Brad

    First Poured Cranks

    Those look great. Are they solid plastic? If so, how do you screw in the hook hangers and line tie? Thanks.