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  1. this is what I did, I don't have any pics yet. I took a pressure cooker, bought some door seal at auto parts store that had sticky tape on it and I stuck it to the top edge of the pressure cooker. then I had a piece of 1/4" poly carbonate cut round to fit the top of the pressure cooker. then I bought at harbor freight an air conditioner vacuum pump, https://www.harborfreight.com/air-vacuum-pump-with-r134a-and-r12-connectors-96677.html took out the venturi air pump drilled a hole in the center of the poly, put pipe threads in to attach the air vacuum pump and waaalaaa. I used it to degass RTV silicone to make molds. when I put the silicone in the vacuum chamber it doubled in volume while pulling out the air bubbles and then when it dropped I took it out an poured it and didn't think it helped much if any. I was told it didn't pull enough vacuum that I needed a regular vacuum pump. I put a gauge on it and I don't remember how much it vacuum but I remember it was not as much as they recommend to vacuum out an a/c line, but I thought it was enough for the silicone but I don't know. If I remember I will take some pics when I go back to my old shop where my pump it at.
  2. In a lot of places it is not open year round.
  3. anyone wanting to mass produce needs to read this (smallmouthaholic) and understand this. The only thing I would add to this is: take out of your vocabulary the words "It should work" because what looks like will work doesn't look or work the same in production. I use to be young and dumb, I'm not young anymore.
  4. I don't know of an easy way to learn, just trial and error. there is some free software out there, you will have to be diligent in your quest. I have never found a cheap scanning service, my quote was $500 what have you done so far?
  5. very soothing. great idea too. I like the fan with 1 blade removed. so no porous membrane in the bottom?
  6. I cataloged all mine in a spreadsheet, printed out a list, had them closed on shelves with the number on the end of the wood handle showing so I could find it on my list, then looked for the number of handle. I had the shelves with numbers so I had location numbers on my list and still couldn't find what I was looking for when I needed a mold. so I put them on peg board .The pic of my molds takes up a lot of room but at least if can find what I am looking for. and while looking for a mold i'll see one that i forgot i had, so that is helpful.
  7. silicone does not need a mold release, because silicone does not stick to anything. If i was making a mold out of bondo i would use Vaseline as a mold release maybe thin it with mineral spirits. make sure what you copy, your jig, dosen't have nay undercuts or you won't get it out of the bondo mold. IF you make a mold out of RTV silicone I would use that to pour my jigs. the foundry thing sounds complicated to me. after re-reading you post you want to copy the molds not the jig. How are you going to make multiple cavities? I would say that no response means not many have tried this.
  8. does mustad have one? Mustad 60 degree cross eye 2x strong Needle Pt. Mustad 32796 but I don't think is is 2x strong.
  9. dlaery

    Ideas please

    that usually has 10% or more antimony. I would use itv60-40, 60 soft lead 40 printers lead
  10. dlaery

    Ideas please

    I would use hard lead, My preference would be something harder than wheel weights. something with 4% antimony.
  11. Maybe air is too dry, not enough moisture in the air to properly cure. Do a search on "rtv won't cure"
  12. do you know where i can buy these ? I'm not having much luck with G.
  13. I use a syringe. they don't last very long this is what i use an irrigation syringe i did not buy from this place but the pic is right https://www.exmed.net/p-3605-bard-piston-enteral-irrigation-syringe.aspx
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