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  1. Pid controller for presto pot

    You will need to find out how much current the pot pulls. most likely you will need to turn the pot power through a Solid State Relay SSR. then a fuse because most PID turn on a SSR because the current going through the PID will over heat it. I have never melted plastic but use them for other applications. I had a PID that was suppose to take 10 amps but it didnt so I put a SSR and fuze. If it is 220 you would need 2 SSR and 2 fuses.
  2. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    this is what I have been taught, during vulcanizing, if the lid touches the 1 inch frame, then the mold may not vulcanize properly. meaning it didn't get enough pressure to squeeze the rubber to fill in all of the detail leaving a bad spot in a cavity. My frame is taller and I put in a 1/2" spacer disk on top of the mold, so I can may a 1-1/2" thick mold if necessary. I went and checked the lip on the bottom and found out I measured the bottom disk when I told you 1/4 inch the bottom disk has a 1/4 in lip and the top has 1/2 inch.
  3. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    i guess i was wrong, it is 1/4" tall.
  4. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    I think mine is 1/2" lip.
  5. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    ah, you did say
  6. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    mine has no lip. Just 2 round flat aluminum disks. the important part is getting the mold in the center of the mold. I guess if you have a lip a 1/4' tall on the bottom disk then the mold would fit in and then that would keep the mold in the center.
  7. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    I don't understand what you mean by: "question is on the mold ring/can: for a 12"x1" how much does the "lip" on the lid of the can go into the cavity? It looks like about 1/4" to"
  8. 1/8" HDPE 4x8 sheet

    I want to cut a piece 2x2ft and bend a 12" radius. will that stuff bend that much without breaking?
  9. preping lead heads before painting

    II would bake them at a higher temp, maybe 395. I bake everything at 395 for 25 minuets. baking at a higher temp runs the risk of running or drips on the end of the jigs if you have too much paint on. usually when i have chipping is a result of too low or not long enough baking, or both.
  10. Purchasing a Tekcast centrifugal spin caster

    It takes hard lead, to work best. I use lead with 6% antimony. when i try to use lead with less antimony I get more rejects. the fill gates in spin casting molds are thinner and hard lead allows the jig to break off of the spru instead of bending back and to break off. this leaves a cleaner breakoff point. I have used wheel weights but they on have about 1% antimony. learning curve is not bad but that depends on the complexity of the part you are casting. your slowest part of spin casting will be loading hooks. If you have 8 molds and 3 people loading molds you could pour 15,000 in 1 day. molds don't last forever. heat wears them out, so having 3 or more molds will spread out the heat a little and dumping out of the mold as soon as possible to try to keep the mold from getting too hot. the molds don't get very hot anyway. If you have 3 molds and 1 person loading hooks and pour all day the molds would not get too hot, as long it is not a 2 or 3 oz jig.
  11. Weedguards: Kaysure Lure or Fishingskirts.com

    Never used fishing shirts dot com I have tried to buy from the "manufacturer" but didn't have any luck. I heard they were made in Vietnam.
  12. milling Teflon

    never heard of "Teflon flu" and I don't want it. I've had super glue flu and that it bad stuff! ok, so no Teflon. I think I can make one out of vulcanized silicone. Yes, using 32oz ladle, this is a spincast mold. I did heat the parts loaded in the mold with the top off the mold. Heated to 350F for 10 minutes, then put the top on put in the machine and got 75% of the cavities good parts, but the problem is the aluminum piece and 2 other metal parts. so I am going to try the silicone in place of the aluminum this is not a fishing lure. My son says I don't know how to say no. Thanks!
  13. milling Teflon

    I was wondering if anyone has ever milled some flat bar teflon. I want to mill a cavity in some 1" sq x 1/4" thick. I need to put a pocket in this about .070" deep, so does it mill good? this is for a mold pouring lead. I used aluminum and it sucks the heat out too fast to get a complete pour and I thought maybe Teflon wouldn't suck the heat out so fast. this stuff is $2.35 a sq in.
  14. Life of Teflon Pins

    I don't think they wear out from the heat, but I could be wrong. In a silicone mold they don't get very hot but in an aluminum mold they would probably get a lot hotter. I have some that have poured 200,00+jigs with approximately 200 teflon pins and I don't see any breakdown of the teflon. I use a mic to check the diameter on the ends where they would be in the lead. what makes them wear out is they are pulled out with needle nose pliers and grabbed by the end instead of grabbing them in the middle. when grabbed on the end and using too much pressure with the pliers they get distorted, oblong, and then can't get the weed guard in the hole.