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  1. dlaery

    FET - constructive sale price

    Good info I'm with you, don't want to pay any more than I have to but maybe it was for a good cause. the way I understand it all the FET collected goes back to the states at a formula based on how many fishing licenses sold. Here is where some of the money went in Missouri for a fish hatchery. https://www.fws.gov/fieldnotes/regmap.cfm?arskey=10370 another place says they "producing nearly 15 million fish per year." the way I understand it, they provide/sell fish to other surrounding states also. so this helps promote fishing.
  2. dlaery

    blue lead

    Wikipedia says " When freshly cut, lead is bluish-white; it tarnishes to a dull gray color when exposed to air" I don't have this problem (Blue) with scrap lead . the longer stuff sets the darker it gets. I wasn't going to paint this. Oh well. just curious other peoples's experience. Thanks,
  3. dlaery

    mold modifier

    this is what it would look like. it would weigh approx 11/16oz
  4. dlaery

    mold modifier

    If you want to call or email me we could talk. 660-547-2874 david at hooksollutions.com
  5. dlaery

    blue lead

    I buy pure lead with a analysis I think 99.9% lead. I looked at the analysis and it's all minute amounts of other stuff, I have bought a lot of this lead and usually mix antimony with it for spincasting, never blue I hand poured some jigs and they all turned blue. but it has been a long time since I've seen it turn blue but this is really bad. here's a pic of the cut off sprus anybody ever experience this?
  6. dlaery

    mold modifier

    what is the diameter is the cylinder? is is a do-it mold?
  7. dlaery

    1/16 oz Ultra minnow

    the Diner Shiner is perfect. I actually have the Diner shiner and the Herring Head. Duh. I hadn't poured either one yet. Thanks!
  8. dlaery

    1/16 oz Ultra minnow

    thanks !
  9. dlaery

    1/16 oz Ultra minnow

    does anyone make such a thing? I found the mold for 1/8 and bigger
  10. dlaery

    FET - markup vs margin

    i went to a meeting a few years ago at ICAST and it was about FET. they said that you pay FET on your lowest established selling price., and they stressed the established selling price to prove you are not trying to get around paying the right amount of tax. I have a wholesale business and a retail business. I have established prices for wholesale customers. I pay 10% on all of those sales. I also sell to my retail store at wholesale price with 10% FET added. then when I sell at retail FET is already paid.
  11. dlaery

    Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    All of those suggestions are good and necessary but it looks to me like the collar in the mold is too small for that hook. is that an oversize hook?
  12. dlaery

    Experienced Spin Caster

    i will help if i can. let me know. Hello George
  13. dlaery

    Silicone Mold Issue

    some talc powder might help. take a rag with some powder on it and dab each side including the gate running in the cavity, turn it upside down and tap on the mold to get ride of any small piles of powder in the cavitity, then put it togeather and pour. maybe letting set a little longer before demolding.
  14. dlaery

    Eagle Claw hooks

    I have used both alot and im sure they are identical
  15. dlaery

    Eagle Claw hooks

    630 is bronze finish 635 is nickel finish Is this a test?