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  1. silicone does not need a mold release, because silicone does not stick to anything. If i was making a mold out of bondo i would use Vaseline as a mold release maybe thin it with mineral spirits. make sure what you copy, your jig, dosen't have nay undercuts or you won't get it out of the bondo mold. IF you make a mold out of RTV silicone I would use that to pour my jigs. the foundry thing sounds complicated to me. after re-reading you post you want to copy the molds not the jig. How are you going to make multiple cavities? I would say that no response means not many have tried this.
  2. does mustad have one? Mustad 60 degree cross eye 2x strong Needle Pt. Mustad 32796 but I don't think is is 2x strong.
  3. dlaery

    Ideas please

    that usually has 10% or more antimony. I would use itv60-40, 60 soft lead 40 printers lead
  4. dlaery

    Ideas please

    I would use hard lead, My preference would be something harder than wheel weights. something with 4% antimony.
  5. Maybe air is too dry, not enough moisture in the air to properly cure. Do a search on "rtv won't cure"
  6. do you know where i can buy these ? I'm not having much luck with G.
  7. I use a syringe. they don't last very long this is what i use an irrigation syringe i did not buy from this place but the pic is right https://www.exmed.net/p-3605-bard-piston-enteral-irrigation-syringe.aspx
  8. I am looking for a program to edit my website with. I have had an old version of Dreamweaver for years and it has stopped working. what I liked about it was it would connect live with my website, I could search for certain things and then edit, upload and done. does anyone know of a program that works like that, that won't break the bank?
  9. that is an interesting design , I'd like to see the rest of the mold.
  10. Good info I'm with you, don't want to pay any more than I have to but maybe it was for a good cause. the way I understand it all the FET collected goes back to the states at a formula based on how many fishing licenses sold. Here is where some of the money went in Missouri for a fish hatchery. https://www.fws.gov/fieldnotes/regmap.cfm?arskey=10370 another place says they "producing nearly 15 million fish per year." the way I understand it, they provide/sell fish to other surrounding states also. so this helps promote fishing.
  11. dlaery

    blue lead

    Wikipedia says " When freshly cut, lead is bluish-white; it tarnishes to a dull gray color when exposed to air" I don't have this problem (Blue) with scrap lead . the longer stuff sets the darker it gets. I wasn't going to paint this. Oh well. just curious other peoples's experience. Thanks,
  12. dlaery

    mold modifier

    this is what it would look like. it would weigh approx 11/16oz
  13. dlaery

    mold modifier

    If you want to call or email me we could talk. 660-547-2874 david at hooksollutions.com
  14. dlaery

    blue lead

    I buy pure lead with a analysis I think 99.9% lead. I looked at the analysis and it's all minute amounts of other stuff, I have bought a lot of this lead and usually mix antimony with it for spincasting, never blue I hand poured some jigs and they all turned blue. but it has been a long time since I've seen it turn blue but this is really bad. here's a pic of the cut off sprus anybody ever experience this?
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