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  1. Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    All of those suggestions are good and necessary but it looks to me like the collar in the mold is too small for that hook. is that an oversize hook?
  2. Experienced Spin Caster

    i will help if i can. let me know. Hello George
  3. Silicone Mold Issue

    some talc powder might help. take a rag with some powder on it and dab each side including the gate running in the cavity, turn it upside down and tap on the mold to get ride of any small piles of powder in the cavitity, then put it togeather and pour. maybe letting set a little longer before demolding.
  4. Eagle Claw hooks

    I have used both alot and im sure they are identical
  5. Eagle Claw hooks

    630 is bronze finish 635 is nickel finish Is this a test?
  6. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    this is what I would use. I have used these kind of fans. they really suck.
  7. Pid controller for presto pot

    You will need to find out how much current the pot pulls. most likely you will need to turn the pot power through a Solid State Relay SSR. then a fuse because most PID turn on a SSR because the current going through the PID will over heat it. I have never melted plastic but use them for other applications. I had a PID that was suppose to take 10 amps but it didnt so I put a SSR and fuze. If it is 220 you would need 2 SSR and 2 fuses.
  8. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    this is what I have been taught, during vulcanizing, if the lid touches the 1 inch frame, then the mold may not vulcanize properly. meaning it didn't get enough pressure to squeeze the rubber to fill in all of the detail leaving a bad spot in a cavity. My frame is taller and I put in a 1/2" spacer disk on top of the mold, so I can may a 1-1/2" thick mold if necessary. I went and checked the lip on the bottom and found out I measured the bottom disk when I told you 1/4 inch the bottom disk has a 1/4 in lip and the top has 1/2 inch.
  9. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    i guess i was wrong, it is 1/4" tall.
  10. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    I think mine is 1/2" lip.
  11. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    ah, you did say
  12. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    mine has no lip. Just 2 round flat aluminum disks. the important part is getting the mold in the center of the mold. I guess if you have a lip a 1/4' tall on the bottom disk then the mold would fit in and then that would keep the mold in the center.
  13. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    I don't understand what you mean by: "question is on the mold ring/can: for a 12"x1" how much does the "lip" on the lid of the can go into the cavity? It looks like about 1/4" to"
  14. 1/8" HDPE 4x8 sheet

    I want to cut a piece 2x2ft and bend a 12" radius. will that stuff bend that much without breaking?