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    lure fishing & tekking.
  1. Balsa Bait Lip Slots

    I do it like this with a hand saw, a vise and 4 pieces of hard wood.
  2. Glider

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  6. Walk the dog bait

  7. History of tackleunderground

    Long time no see guys. I'm alive and sorry to be anxious about me, Pete Recently I rather like to go trekking than fishing I am one of the members from TackleMaking .com. Many years ago, Erik, the owner of the site asked me to get a tutorial of lure making from my personal site, and this is how I participate in TM. I've had a pleasant time and learned a lot of things from other members. Hiro
  8. Copy of Triple Impact

    Nice one BobP, the triple impact is known as a big fish killer in Japan and your lure will catch the big ones. Did you know the lure had been a handmade lure by Mr.Nishine before Shimano started to make? He works in Canada and kwown as a builder of Beatour crankbait and Tru-life swimbait. http://nishinelureworks.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1