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  1. Just fired up my pot for the first time this year and the lead wasn't flowing at all when I lifted the lever, so I drained all of the lead took the plunger assembly off and cleaned it and the pot. I then put new lead back in and still had the same issue..... my question is when I stick a piece of wire in from the bottom of the pot to try and clear the blockage should I be able to see the wire from the inside....????
  2. #1 willow on my scale is-0.011 oz. and the #3 is 0.047 oz......Im sure it will vary some what with different brands,but it gives you an idea.
  3. These are my go to hooks for river bass since I do a lot nose hooking,I started making my own using berklley 20 and 30lb steelon nylon coated wire.I have been doing this for the last 2 seasons and had great success with my home made version.....jeff
  4. My regal vice will take up to 5/0 jig hooks .....I have had it for a over 15 years with no problems, fantastic vice.
  5. I haven't used that particular tape but have used regular painters tape to cover up hook eyes while powder painting with a heat gun.
  6. Barlows is the only place I have seen gold plated shakee blades.
  7. I went to a piano store and bought some.
  8. I have always ordered my blades from LPL.....no complaints
  9. Hatchet and a big hammer works for me....wear some safety glasses and gloves, the edges of the lead can get very sharp after being cut with the hatchet.
  10. I just finished a drop shot order for a local tackle shop and as many of you know getting the swivel to sit just right and not fall back into the mold cavity can be a bit of an issue sometimes especially when the mold is hot. So what I did was place a small block of wood (1/4 - 3/8 ) under the to top side of the mold so that it tilts slightly and the swivels seem to stay put and not slip .....just my tip of the day
  11. Barlows have gold plated blades........http://www.barlowstackle.com/Shakee-Blades-C110.aspx
  12. thanks.......that's what I was hoping to hear.
  13. Has anyone used "jump rings" instead of split rings for attaching smaller blades (0/0,1 ect.) to pony heads and road runner type baits....?????
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