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  1. I use the cheap "Folk" brand from Wal-Mart and bake on powder paint. Done it for years now with no issues.
  2. After 34 years of stomping out fires tomorrow is my last shift. Look out fish!
  3. Blades can paint a pretty crankbait, he just can't catch a fish! I went back and looked at my profile. Joined in 2003. Don't seem that long ago.
  4. My local drug store will keep those little desiccant packs for me. One day and you'll have more than you can use in months!
  5. I just use a big swivel. Snap rings, even the big ones, are just too much trouble on that mold.
  6. Your plastic for a swimsuit / keitech style needs to be a little harder to prevent a roll. I add just a little harder to medium plastic. Most paddle tail baits don't work well with soft.
  7. basskat

    Ned rig mold

    I use 2\0 & 3/0 in the Do-It Midwest mold. Barlow's has a list of hooks that will work.
  8. I couldn't count the number of times I've walked from the shop to the house to get something and forgot what I went after.
  9. Have ordered parts from these guys multiple times with no issues.
  10. BaitJunkys is the closest thing to the Old Monster.
  11. ^^^^^ Great Advice. Unless you're selling baits a gallon will go a long way.
  12. basskat

    Flood Bass

    When we have high water in Mississippi the fish just about always go shallow. Fish in the woods, roads and fields, pay special attention to the small ditches, even roadside ditches. High water is some of the best fishing!
  13. I'm not sure where you're at but they could be spawning. Spawning bass will often pick a bait or live salamander up and move it away from their bed. Bed fishing can get under your skin unless the females are locked on and guarding it.
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