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  1. You'll probably have to contact one of the suppliers. Never seen it sold by the gallon.
  2. I'm using the Pam that is canola based. Works great with no side effects.
  3. If you cut to much off one side of the broom it will fly in a circle
  4. I haven't found any other way than scratching. I normally use the back side of a knife blade to get the really tough stuff off.
  5. basskat


    I also use the Bass Tackle. Had them for at least 10 years. Well built and never an issue with them. Go with the six ounce especially if you're going to use it as a single injector. I use mine as single injectors as well.
  6. I've switched to bait plastics and have been satisfied with it. I think six gallons is like $114 and that includes shipping. I tried the Lure Works and had lots of issues with bubbles plus their shipping was ridiculous. If they'd get the price down I'd try it again. MF is probably the best available but their price rules them out. Haven't tried the Dead On but hear that it's pretty good.
  7. basskat

    Fluid Bed Build

    Where'd you the the motor AP?
  8. I been pouring \ injecting plastic for over 15 years and have never de-gassed. Follow the advice from previous posts and you'll be good.
  9. I'm sure it's their formula numbers. When they order that's probably the number they use to get their blend.
  10. Thanks guys. I thought that was correct but was having a senior moment.
  11. Which guard is the heaviest; .018, .021 or .024?
  12. Welcome to the world of business.
  13. I've done it both ways. Not sure there's any advantage to a water bath with injection molds. Just let them hang for 48 hours. When hand pouring I do use a water bath. Speeds up production.
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