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  1. What temp are you shooting at? I shoot as cool as the mold will allow me. At lower temps the plastic is not quiet as thin which should help with your O ring issue. You may need to replace the O ring.
  2. basskat

    newbe intro

    Welcome aboard!
  3. I've torn my shop apart. Know that I had some at one time. I really need to get a dumpster and clean house.
  4. Think it has a light yellow/chartreuse tint. Kind of a beer color.
  5. I thought about selling baits when I retired. Then retired and decided I didn't need another job. Some 20 years ago I supplied three bait shops with buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, lead etc and worked my tail off doing it. Took a lot of the fun out of something that I really enjoyed. Want make that mistake a second time.
  6. .045 works in that mold.
  7. Welcome aboard Shep. Not too far from you. Live close to Bay Springs lake in North Mississippi.
  8. Decent day on the lake today. The big girls are in that post spawn funk. We should have a shad spawn within the next couple weeks and business will pick up.
  9. I'm retired, let me know if you want to hit Pickwick.
  10. I got another big worm and hand pour swimbait mold. Going to have to build on to the shop if I don't slow down!
  11. I have a shop full of plastic & lead making supplies. Been at it for over 20 years. The addiction never stops! BTW I ordered two new plastic molds this week.
  12. basskat


    I retired in December. Timing was perfect. I never enjoyed medical calls to start with. I pity the FD guys running with all this mess.
  13. Try a trailer with no skirt! You might get a big surprise.
  14. I use the cheap "Folk" brand from Wal-Mart and bake on powder paint. Done it for years now with no issues.
  15. After 34 years of stomping out fires tomorrow is my last shift. Look out fish!
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