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  1. This is a work of art. This must have taken a lot of thought. Good step by step tutorial with pictures to match. Charlie M
  2. Tally, Please send left overs to Charlie Mitchell, Paris TN. I am trying to recover, as the lack of sunshine has me with cabin fever....Will work for food.... Charlie M
  3. Hoodaddy, Rsinyard is right, small fish. There is a lot of pressure on this lake. The TN Bass Fed held it state tournament there last year in Oct and fishing was not that good. Where are you putting in? Bull Cr or Hendersonville down near the dam? If you keep me informed as to when you are coming down I might can get some help for you. Call or send me an email. I now live in Paris, TN On KY Lake Charlie Mitchell 731-642-4981 ctmitchell@hughes.net
  4. Charlie, I was looking forward to having some crawfish at Nathans this year. Hope you can still make it up. Hope things are looking up for you and your family. Charlie M
  5. Nathan, I plan on bringing some lures it it works out. Looking forward to it. Charlie M
  6. This is not going to be like Broke-Back Mt is it??? If Coley will drive I will be there again. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Sorry I have been absent on the site but I have been up to my neck in alligators. I am one of the 7 guys BASS threw out. I can explain when we meet again. Jerry bring 3 x small T-shirts so I can tie them together to make one....I AM IN Charlie Mitchell AKA Boyhowdy
  7. When you say East ARK where is that? Charlie M
  8. I live West of Nashville, just off of I-40, 2nd exit after you pass over the TN river (AKA) KY Lake. Exit 143. Waverly - Linden. Let us know if you are in the area. Charlie Mitchell
  9. Bob P, I have also been using finesse weights in the belly for some time. Even though you purchase them as 1/8, 3/16 or what ever, 9 out of 10 will not weigh the same. close but not the same. In an effort to make stronger crank baits Coley and myself purchased some balsa that was more dense than what we had first tried. You can definitely tell the difference when you pick the wood up. When we got the blocks Coley weighed them and not many of them weighed the same. I find it very difficult to get the same bait every time. Again close but always a little different. This is just a couple of things that make wooden baits so unique and run a little different. Not sure what type of wood you are using but when I start the hole for the belly weight I use a cone shape dram el tool that was made for carving. This just kind of sands away the wood and does not split it off like a drill bit does. Then you can use a smaller drill bit to finish the hole with out splitting the wood. I also use a SS cotter pin for the hook hanger. Put it through the hole in the weight and bend the ends over. I think the SS cotter pin makes a nice hook hanger. Epoxied in, no way to come out. I Use mostly 30 minute epoxy as this gives it time to soak into the wood. I to like to have a few baits that will suspend, sink slowly, back up quick and rise slowly. I always get a thrill when I crank one down in the pool and it just sits there. Charlie M, AKA boyhowdy
  10. Johnny When I was over there, Fishing was the last thing on my mind. Pubs, darts, dancing, Fish & Chips, Sausages Chips & Beans with two rounds of toast, a few pints of light, and oh yes Girls. If you look at a map of TN find Nashville in the middle of the state and take the I-40 west about 70 miles to where it intersects with Hwy 13, that runs North and South. This is just before I-40 crosses the TN River also know as Kentucky Lake. Follow 13 North to a small town called Waverly. That is where I call home. Good fishing all year. Some times better than others of course. Now is a good time for Bass. No Pike fishing though. Boyhowdy
  11. I Just happen to think that I will be going to the Classic again this year. It is at Pittsburgh, PA, the last week of July. They usually have an outdoor show that opens about the middle of the week that would be about Wednesday the 27th. Are there any bait makers that plan on attending or might be close by for some of us to get together? Check your calenders. Maybe we could set up a meet. Charlie Mitchell AKA Boyhowdy
  12. I have to set the record straight.....I said that my strawberry's and short cake tasted like a half of a bowl...This was a favorite saying of my Grandmother. You can tell by the pictures that I got my share. It was good to see Skeeter again, as it had been almost a year since last years Bass Masters Classic. Skeeter also had a some of his special baits and I now proudly own two of his. Thanks Skeeter. Sorry I could not stay around for the rest of the evening I would like to have heard all the stories these two told first hand. Charlie Mitchell AKA Boyhowdy
  13. Johnny, I spent about 3 years in England . Married a lovely girl from Cambridge. He family was from up north around Sunderland. That was 47 years ago and I still have her. TN is a nice state to visit. From the Smoky Mt in the East to the flat land in West TN. We have a lot of water to fish for bass, both largemough and smallmouth. If you was in my area I would be glad to take you out fishing. I can see that this is still in the planning stages . Good luck, Charlie Mitchell AKA Boyhowdy
  14. You can research drying wheels on TU Search section. There are several different drying wheels, and you can make one for as little as $10 and up from there. No one minds helping but a lot of your questions are in the search section. You will have to do a little reading. then if you have a specific question on something you do not understand fire away. Hope this helps Charlie M
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