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  1. I have (6) 5 gallon buckets of plastic for sale that I had made from a plastisol company to match lure crafts old soft and medium mixes. I always mixed them 50-50 and makes a great soft and sturdy lure. Works great in the microwave with no stabilizer, takes scent well too. would like to get rid of all of it to one person but i could break it up. Each bucket is $80.00 plus shipping. email me direct please kidlizardbait@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. No, its the entire business. All the equipment supplies, molds, coloring etc. If no one is interested I will end up chopping it all out on ebay....but the company will be dissolved. I would just like to see someone try to continue the KidLizard company.
  3. I am sad to say that I am being forced to get out of the bait business. Father had a heart attack, and I had a new baby and both are more important. With a full time job, I just dont have time to put toward the company. I started KidLizard from nothing and hate to see it just dissolve. We would like to sell it. Price range is about $3000.00 (havent figured it up to exact penny) I am coming to you guys first because this is where I got my start. At one time KidLizard was doing very well, but we have let it slow down the last couple of years. With a little effort, it has a lot of potential. Major stuff would be Name Website Pots Plastic Coloring Inventory Lots of contacts and information. etc. If anyone is seriously interested please email me. kidlizardbait@yahoo.com and I will get a detailed list together. Thanks for fixing the post G8TR!
  4. Why cant I make a post in the classified section? It says I cannot start a new topic.
  5. I was wondering what you guys had to say about Bobs two piece 3.5" bug mold. How easy is it to pour (with a pot) any problems and your overall thoughts on the bait. Have not been on here for a long time, for lots of reasons, but its good to be back. Looks like we have a lot of new members!!
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for the ideas and comments. I think I could do something with a huge wide curly tail, and add some type of body to it. Anyone ever tried to make a soft plastic popper or spook type bait?
  7. Hey guys, sorry I dont stop in as much as I should, but I do try to keep up with the posts. I am going through a serious mental block creating stuff here lately. I am wanting to make a top water lure with soft plastic. Something different, but I am having no luck with a design. Any one got any ideas or a good starting point? I guess the problem is keeping it floating while making it heavy enough to cast.
  8. A trick I used when coating with devcon was to color the layers with food coloring. When coating a white mold with a clear substance, its kinda hard to see, but a little food coloring in different colors allows you to see what has been coated and how thick.....
  9. Thanks guys, Nice looking stuff, but im looking for a machine. Kamakazee, who did your bags? They look great!! Minimums? Email me, kidlizardbait@yahoo.com
  10. Ok guys, who is injecting baits and how??
  11. Those injected lizards?????
  12. Nova, I moved my micro wave and all pouring equipment under the hood. I did have to build an extension to "enclose" the entire workspace, and the results have been great. I would say the stove hood is about 2.5 feet wide, but my enclosure or "hood" is about 4 feet wide. Maybe you can re-arrange your work space and get better results with your venting. I experimented first with cardboard to see how well it would work before I built the enclosure..... hope that helps...
  13. There may be a more comfortable alternative for you guys. If your work space will allow it, maybe you should invest in a stove top vent hood. You can pick up a pretty good one for less than 50 bucks. I mounted mine about 18 inches above the pots and it works great. I also added some side walls to make a cheap hood out of ply wood. Sucks all the vapors and any smoke right out. Might be cheaper and more comfortable in the long run depending on how many respirators you go through....lol Hope that helps... John
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I should have enough to get me in the ball park. I dont think he is going to be really particular about it. Anything with the avacado?
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