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  1. Some more: Here I added a Mann Augertail worm tail to a grub body:
  2. No bubbles indicating moisture. Just yellowing.
  3. To buy that much plastic you must be selling ! I admire those who do sell lures in that they must have the discipline to consistently reproduce the same exact colors and lure softness for every order. Not me which is why I don't sell lures - only glitter. I can't only use a few lures that I know catch fish when fish are found and active. Variety is the spice of fishing as I've said many times before where color variety is secondary to the combination of design, action and size - at least for me, soft plastic being the most versatile material of all. When I look at many of the soft plastic lures sold on Ebay, I shake my head knowing that they don't have what it takes to catch the most fish most of the time and with different presentations - another part of fishing variety. I'm fortunate having local waters I can test lure designs/presentations and record the best of them on my pc via photos for future reproduction.
  4. Don't pour nearly as much as I used to. You must sell lures. I never did - personal use only. Now with a candle flame to fuse lure parts together, hand poured or store bought stored for decades, I come up with much better designs for catching all freshwater species. Last year I bought molds off Ebay cheap and use the parts from those pours not found on the usual mold sites. Guess I'll have to buy new plastic for clear lures or lure parts. BTW - M-F never responded to my voice recording asking the question about yellowing.
  5. Amazing the amount of sh.. we collect over many decades. Finally I'm able to put it to productive use. Today I caught 48 fish from 9 am - 1:30 pm - all on hybrid lures that I can reproduce any time I want ! I'm going to start taking along two soft plastic boxes: experimental and dependables. I just wish more angler/ lure crafters would start getting into coming up with and sharing new shapes they found worked for most species. It's a dimension of fishing rarely included in the search for new lure designs that fish dictate are the best. No more store bought lures - many of which, in my case, never worked as-is.
  6. Guess I'll have to use dyes in small amounts to get color tints I like for many designs. Thanks
  7. Here are some more that caught fish this week: Claw attached to a segment of French Fry Stick always does well. Clear plastics have also done well : Note overhead spinner used with clear plastic grub:
  8. Never had an issue with plastic turning a yellow tint and then more brown with each reheat. I prefer clear plastic for some lures. Temp is less than 300 degrees so I know overheating isn't the issue. The plastic is 6 years old but I've never heard of old plastic yellowing.
  9. Diamond sells a fine salt in supermarkets.
  10. Would be interested in seeing photos of your creations. (for ideas)
  11. Thanks. Too bad most lurecrafters only use molds and then end up storing them for months after the thrill is gone catching fish on the same shape and size. Boring if you ask me.
  12. As for my past using molds to make plastic lures of all shapes and sizes, I use them only if I want parts of lures to attach to other parts. Granted, making a dozen of the same lure design is fine if they are mostly what you use, but making many different designs using a candle to slightly melt the parts to be joined proves that fish will strike a universe of lure shape and action combinations. For example: here is the bodies of two grubs minus curl tails fused together and wacky rigged or rigged the usual way: Here the large front from a molded worm did well when used as the tail: A claw was added to a grub body and caught many different species: Cone tails from my mold was added to a grub body and caught many species: One of my best hybrids was adding the body and tail of a Kut Tail worm to a thicker grub body (Kalin): Lure action, size and shape as well as how fished make all the difference limited only by the imagination such as this Mr Twister grub tail cut off and then attached to the same body: If you're like many that have accumulated boxes and boxes of soft plastic lures, get yourself a razor blade or scissors, candle and maybe a soldering gun to smooth the seams. With the virus restricting everything but fishing, you could very well come up with designs no one has ever sold that do better than 95% of those that are.
  13. HD Sinking Additive is the answer to softness vs weight.! Always knew salt wasn't a good additive to add weight to sticks because of the above reasons. Thanks
  14. ...just more imaginative designs to add to the ever growing list.
  15. Maybe it's possible I could catch more fish taking into account fish senses of taste/smell, but 40-100 fish on most outings make the claim less significant where and how I fish - even under a float. Even catfish have been biting my lures and they feed much of the time based on scent trails.
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