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  1. emptycooler

    paint stripper

    Dose anyone know of a paint stripper that will not affect plastic ? Thanks
  2. emptycooler

    Hot N Tot Lure Bodies

    have you found what you are looking for? i would be interested in them too.please email me at emptycooler@yahoo.com thanks chris
  3. emptycooler

    Walmart quit selling D2T?

    I just found this OZ Tubes, 2 Ton Epoxy, Clear Epoxy, Resistant To Chemicals, Waterproof
  4. emptycooler

    TU memebership

    Sorry to say this but you are dead on.I can't access a tutorial that I submitted!What's up with that?
  5. emptycooler

    lure holders?

    I use vice grips and a holder. The holder rotates 360.
  6. Chris,

    Good find on the size #64 rubber bands... That's one of those things I just didn't know about.

  7. emptycooler

    Building a Musky Drying Wheel

    Thanks It will always turn because of the meat rods.It will have a slight hesitation if it is not loaded evenly on the outside ring but I have not found this to be any problem at all.
  8. Just wanted to let you know that your tutorial has been added the Member Submitted Tutorial.

  9. emptycooler

    Building a Musky Drying Wheel

    Musky Lure Drying Wheel Published by emptycooler April 12, 2008 This is a lure drying wheel I made for musky lures. It will dry 32 baits and takes up very little room. You will need: [*]Rotisserie from a BBQ grill. I got one at Wal-Mart for about 20 bucks. [*]64 cup hooks [*]64 S hooks
  10. emptycooler

    How many D2T coats?

    jf I use 3 on musky lures.With sharp teeth and big hooks you can't stop hook rash.4 or more coats may be overkill.Hope this helps Chris
  11. emptycooler

    Home Depot Epoxy Super Glaze

    I T all hooks on musky lures.It cuts down on hook rash and you'll hook alot more fish because the points can't lay on the side of the lure.
  12. emptycooler

    check this out...!

    ok how big is 16cm?
  13. emptycooler

    check this out...!

    Best soft bait I have ever seen.How big is it?
  14. emptycooler

    first time here

    I'll be in Bristol for the race this week but leaving after the race. You can order paint at www.dixieart.com I use createx paints. Hope this will help get you started.
  15. emptycooler

    What does everyone here fish for (species)?

    Thank You Fatfingers I have not fished Pymatuning for a few years now.I keep my boat on Tionesta Lake from May to October. Then I fish the river all winter if the ice lets me.My biggest this winter was a 48 incher on Christmas Day in the rain! That's the top pic on the web site. When I did fish pymatuning I did well on bright colors because of the dark water. I also cast most of the time so we would fish the north end of the lake.