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  1. vytautas

    foam beginner's questions...

    one more observation - the higher temp - the harder foam you'll get. Harder, but with bigger pores (bubbles). Lower temps will cause foam get crusty, it breaks easily, but pores are small. Once I heated up to 50C (placed heater near the molds) and I demolded rock-hard marble structure lures with very big pores - it was unable to paint them, air was expanding primer and topcoat. BTW - the older foam, the higher temp you'll need to get good structure. When I started my Foam-it pack, it was enough 25-30C, now I have to heat working place up to 40C So you'll have to find optimum temp to pour foam P.S. we have a real thaw here in Lithuania: from -30 temps droped to -20C :grin:
  2. vytautas

    foam beginner's questions...

    Hey Dan, I get such bubbles when there is too hot in my working place. Foam-it is have to be poured at minimum 30C temp, but sometimes I heat up too much vy
  3. vytautas

    Info for foamies

    This spring will be two years I am using Foam-it Of course one of components is nearly hard, but it still can be used :-D Don't know how about other physical properties, but I still get a nice firm skin and it expands well... vy
  4. vytautas

    Another question about foam molding!

    Here is mold making tutorial: http://www.vlasenko.ru/New-man/0939-txt.htm Here is bait pouring tutorial: http://www.vlasenko.ru/New-man/0941-txt.htm He makes bait out of mix of epoxy and sawdust
  5. vytautas

    Another question about foam molding!

    I don't know much about CNC machine or jewelers wax, but I wouldn't suggest to use it for molds. I think wax mold will not last long... BTW, how hard is this stuff? I think about making prototype from it... vy
  6. vytautas

    foam beginner's questions...

    savacs, I use resin only, bought it from car tuning company. It is very similar to this one used here: http://www.tackleunderground.com/board/kb.php?mode=article&k=24 smells like hell, not very friendly to some plastics, but works fine for me Yeaa, here in Ltihuania there is also difficulties finding stuff like this. Try this source for RTV and foams: www.kaupo.de - they are very helpful guys vy
  7. vytautas

    foam beginner's questions...

    here is the photo of seamline I am getting from fiberglass resin mold:
  8. vytautas

    foam beginner's questions...

    Glad to hear that we have another foamie guy here Yes, salmo definitely are using aluminum molds. But I do not understand what do you mean by "corn starch"? I think if aluminum mold is polished enough, they could be used without release agent, because foam do not stick to glass-smooth surfaces Shawn, you should try polyester fiberglass resin instead of RTV. You can put this mold in to the press, so seamline flash is very minimal vy
  9. vytautas

    Feather Lite problem (???)

    Hey thanks LaPala Those are photo finish, but not on foil. I've bought some nice blue pearl chameleon paint that is used for car painting. It gives fantastic glare and changes from blue to green depending on light angle And that golden one is simply golden-pearl auto paint.
  10. vytautas

    Feather Lite problem (???)

    hmmm.... so I see that I have to learn work with FL... Another thing I've learned, that FL is much more heavier and I have to put less weight (all lures I've made with Foam-it weight formula became sinking ) BTW, here is my latest project I am working on: it is kind of jerkbait, little bit bent, suspending, all-ready caught some pike on it
  11. vytautas

    Feather Lite problem (???)

    I've just tried FL. Everything was so.... I like Foam-it more. I can work with Foamit much more faster, I do not need stir it before each pour, I can demold it after 15-20 min. But.... I like FL because I don't need to use release agent each time, I like it because it is much stronger tha Foamit... How quick can I demold FL? Do I have to wait 2 hrs? In the Foamit technical bulletin there is also 2 hrs demold time, but I can demold it 4 times sooner Oh. and one more problem (???) does FetherLite expands or not? I have troubles in measuring proper amount of it, and first times I've demolded only heads of my lures Thanks to you all guys!!!
  12. vytautas

    Feather Lite problem (???)

    hey thanks guys :!: it is clear that not only Shawn is working with FeatherLite thanks again. BTW - some time ago there was lots of posts about working with foam, lots of foamie photos. What is it now? Where are you foam guys!!! Show me what you've done, I will post some new baits I've made. One of those brought 1st place on local competition here in Lithuania...
  13. vytautas

    Feather Lite problem (???)

    Hello guys, Been working on some new projects. Hope show them here soon Recently I've received FeatherLite and what I saw when I opened cans: and closer look: both parts are the same consistence. The shop where I've ordered said that it is ok. Just need to stir well each part before mixing... but I have no idea how can I get liquid from "well frozen icecream" consistence I know that someone of you are working with Featherlite. Shawn help me!!!
  14. vytautas

    VendorPro - good or bad?

    Hello all, Just a quick question - I've received the email from VendorPro company, they are proposing me to sell my lures through their website. It is worth paying attention or not? Or this is just another spam email I am receiving everyday Thanks, vytautas
  15. vytautas

    Lure Testers

    I agree with Skeeter. You are creator, the father of bait and you are the one who knows it best. As in my case - I know that my baits work well for all predator species here in Lithuania. I even don't fish them, just look how they run in testing tank and I know - this bait will work. This will not - small corrections - OK, it will work and they works :oops: but I am not sure if bass will like it. I've tested my models in US - they catch fish, but now I have in mind some new models and I will have to test them in US. So I am facing this problem now ? the field testers. I've found some really nice people; they are sending me all the smallest remarks and suggestions. But such people are 1 from 10. The other 9 take the lure and go away... BTW, my partner came from ICAST 2005... (I didn't get the visa) from what he told me I felt very very small fish in ocean of whales but anyways it was good experience, I think we will find our bay in that big ocean... RAIBAS is our new brand name... what do you think of it. I don't like it, because I think it is hard to pronounce it in English. My call was - VOBLE or WOBLE P.S. here is the website I put together last week: www.raibas.com