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  1. kellure

    Catawba Worm

    Ultra realistic Catawba Worm , an original design complete w/ shaped head with mouth, tail, feet, segmented body, and feet detail Measures 4.5" in length. Hand Injected Tail/ horn features both an angled and tapered tail design Each body segments is designed to different size specs as to maintain the realism of a perfectly imperfect & wrinkled catawba. Feet are strategically placed with a middle gap for varying hook sizes and perfect centering. Body is tapered towards the rear to maximize casting and skipping ability.
  2. The first distinction that should be made is that crafting lures of any quality & making a living/money doing so are separate. In answer to your question, you can if you are willing to sacrifice, make decisions and to be a risk taker. In order to reach that goal of lure crafting for a living, you need to fully understand is that it requires diligent, hard work & a very savvy business mind.
  3. kellure

    Pricing Help

    For repaints, we use to operate on the $20/ hr concept. The huge majority of repaints did not require a full hour of "hands on it" from start to finish. The typical cost worked out to $10-12 a lure. That included everything from prep to clear to out the door. For extensive repairs, oversized or jointed lures you could count on additional time and product that pushed the price up to $15-17.
  4. kellure

    Prodigy crank

    One of my favorite lures to fish & to build: coffin billed, wooden, scaled, Prodigy crankbait in a fairly traditional shad pattern.
  5. ...and folks ask why wooden lures come with a higher price tag ... the pics sums that up.
  6. I'd rec'd styrene, less expensive and it contours nicely in a VF.
  7. kellure


    We have the following clear tubing if it fits the need: 56 feet of 1.5" diameter clear tubing 20 feet 2" diamteter clear tubing These are cut in 4 foot sections. Shoot me an email if interested. Info@customluresunlimited.com
  8. kellure


    School of Delta Red Craw Ikons.
  9. Re: acetate forming ridges during a burn, simple solution: lightly hit both sides of the new stencil on a sander.
  10. Shane, the 8 port manifolds work nicely. See the link below. http://www.bearair.com/prodinfo.asp?number=120032
  11. Carver The below link (temporary) to a pic are some of the acrylic displays we use: CLU - display They can be purchased at the Little Sac link below...Reasonable pricing and excellent service from our experience. http://www.littlesac.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=22&cat=Lure%2BStands Good luck.
  12. Carver, The pic attached below are some of what we use on display. They can be purchased at the link below...Reasonable pricing and excellent service from our experience. Winchester Fishing at Little Sac Bait Company Bringing you the "New Era" of Winchester Baits Good luck.
  13. kellure

    Oral use only

    Creatively cool!
  14. When you crafted your 1st lure 31 yrs ago and you still jump out of bed excited each day like it was your first.
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