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  1. Fished that bait this weekend - it is more of a motor oil color. I would go 50/50 GP and Motor Oil blend and add a drop of PB for the brown effect. That is what I did.
  2. Mark- I have fished a bait like that for BIG Smallies in the midwest, great lakes, southeast, and northeast for years. A madtom and/or sculpin is a large fish bait for sure. What you got looks great and will be of interest to many folks. Good work.
  3. I inject Dels 4in handpour Stick worm mold and haven't had any flashing issues. I do have to top off the mold after injecting but that is not too bad. I say try it and see how it plays out. I have really had a great summer fishing that bait for river Smallies- they love that bait in pearl and melon candy! Take care
  4. Whittler is right on that this is a very affordable show that is jammed with FISHING stuff. Ray runs a good show and you will indeed find something relating to your fish of choice. Whittler makes some killer hard baits and seeing his creations would be time well spent. If you are in the area make plans to pop in for a few hours you won't be sorry. I will have a booth selling my plastics, jigs, and buzzbaits and would love to see some TU friends. Take care
  5. Wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Lurecraft. I placed an order online around 10am on Tuesday and the UPS man dropped it off to my house around 5pm Wednesday. That is some fast turnaround for standard shipping. Thank you Lurecraft for superior service!
  6. What size bag would you all suggest for a 6.25in Tric style worm?
  7. Well done Bro. D Great ingenuity on your part! Please post a pic if you can. Take care
  8. Welcome Mark. I am on the west side of Cincy. Like the others mentioned you will love the folks on this site as they got game. Take care Shmang
  9. **** Their address = 513 West Central, LaGrange, IN 46761 LaGrange is in NE Indiana about 45 miles from Ft Wayne and 120 miles from Chicago- it is about 185 miles north of Indianapolis. Hope this helps. Sorry not sure about the clearance items. Maybe Kim will see this and reply. Take care
  10. I received an email from Kim Straley at Lurecraft about their upcoming open house -- see below for some of the info. Sounds like a good time! We are having open house/customer appreciation days on 2/26 & 2/27. You are welcome to come if you can make it!!! We will have all kinds of stuff on clearance and a B & R Outlaw rod to give away. Kim Straley Poor Boy's/LureCraft NOTE: NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS LureCraft@ClickaNerd.com
  11. I got two of these from Joe and they pour great. The transaction went mega smooth, the molds are flawless, so order with confidence.
  12. Pouring plastic and making jigs!

  13. Pouring plastic and making jigs!

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