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  1. Mattlures

    Looking For A Top Lure Painter

    I sent you a PM
  2. Mattlures

    Swim Bait Joints

    I met Kurita when he came to the USA and stayed at a buddies house. He told us about seeing bigger bass then the one he caught. He was cool. He had his interprature with him. He also brought his tackle box. His baits looked kinda funky with feathered hooks and weird colors. He showed us the bait he caught the lake record on to.
  3. Mattlures

    Swim Bait Joints

    Kurita caught the world record bass on a live bluegill. He caught a lake record on the mother
  4. Mattlures

    Favorite Auto Clear

    Thank you Andy
  5. Mattlures

    Favorite Auto Clear

    I usually put on 3-4 very heavy coats that I need to rotate. The finished product resembles a heavy epoxy coat but with much less time and hassle
  6. Mattlures

    Favorite Auto Clear

    I love using auto clears. I am just seeing if anybody has their favorites.
  7. Mattlures

    Favorite Auto Clear

    One of the clears I use is an automotive clear. Its Kustom shop and I am not totally satisfied with it. It seems to dull easier then other clears after prolonged use. It also seems a little bit soft. I am wonder what auto clears you guys use and what you think of them. I am very happy with its ease of use Basically I am hoping somebody hear is using an auto clear that's a little harder and or stays shinny after being fished hard
  8. Mattlures

    Lead Manufacterer

    My lead guy recently went MiA so I need a new source. Do you guys know any? I don't have production molds. I am most likely looking for somebody who does spin casting Thanks
  9. Mattlures

    Looking For A Lead Manufacturer

    Recently my lead guy went MIA so I need a new source. I need some small lead inert pieces made. I don't have production molds so I will need somebody to spin cast them. Any of you guys know a good source? Thanks
  10. Mattlures

    Flawed Swimbaits...

    The biggest reason I don't use mesh or a harder plastic is the baits simply wont swim as good. I will take a bait that produces big bites over a bait that is more durable but doesnt produce as well every single time. Real prey uses silicone. That works with his style of wedge tail. It would not work with a boot style tail. Most of my soft baits require very soft plastic to get the right action I am looking for. If you lube your baits while fishing them they will tare a lot less often. If you use Mend-it you can make them last a long time. My #1 priority is for my baits to get bites and specifically big bites. Everything else is 2nd. For me its not a matter of cost its a matter of fish
  11. Mattlures

    Retempering Hooks

    Heat up the hook bend until its red. Bend it out to where you want it to be and then dip in cold water. This works on titanium wire too.
  12. Mattlures

    Packaging Question...
  13. Mattlures

    Making A Living On Lures

    I agree with Vodkaman. There are new baits and products every year. A lot are recycled ideas but there are always a few that are new and unique. I feel that when guys say there are no new ideas,they are using that as an excuse to steel somebody else's idea or they just can come up with anything new. At the very least there are improved materials and components. Look at swimbaits today. Those old lures look like kids toys compared to todays realism. You may argue that they share similar designs but they are so vastly improved. There are a couple ways to be successful in the fishing product business. #1 make a good a product with the cheapest price. Guys will buy it. #2 is make the best. There will always be a market for the best of anything. If you make the best you can charge what you want. If your somewhere in between then it gets real tough. You guys want to get rich? I'll give you an idea I have had for over 30 years. Make a clear hook. Make it like fluorocarbon. Make it strong enough and make it stay sharp. If you can make a clear hook that's 80% comparable to a steel hook, you would be very wealthy. That would certainly be something new!
  14. Mattlures

    Making A Living On Lures

    Stores mark up 40% if your lure sells for $10 retail then you sell it to the stores for $6.
  15. Mattlures

    A Swimbait Line Tie Question

    Travis you and I must look at baits completely different. When I design a bait there is a reason for EVERY single feature of that bait. Some body might look at it and think its just a molded fish with a boot tail or molded fish with a couple joints cut in it. What they probably will never understand or notice is how wrong that is. I carve all my baits because I have to. I might need a certain part of the body to be a little thicker or thinner. The line ties are where they are at on purpose. The hook hangers are exactly where I want them to be. The fins might be a half an inch forward or back from where the actual fish has them. The joints are exactly where I want them to be. The style of joint and the pivot point I use to accomplish the goal of what I envisioned. Nothing is simple, and I just touched on the surface of what goes into a design. Now why is figuring these things out important? Why does making baits for some have everything to do with learning? Well all you have to do is look at the countless inferior knock offs on the market. 95% of the time they never come close to matching the fish catching ability of the original design. Why? because the guys doing the copying don't fully understand why the original bait works so well. They copy what they see, but they cant copy what they don't understand. Of course there is a difference between a simple plastic worm and a multi jointed swimbait. The more complex the bait, the more that goes into it. Yeah anybody with a pulse can make a simple jig that catches fish but designing a swimbait is whole other animal. Heck not even all spinner baits are created equal. Go talk to the best spinner bait fisherman in the world and ask them what they want in a perfect spinner bait. You would probably get a long educational answer. I guess we just have different goals in our bait making passions. We will just have to agree to disagree.