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  1. Pop

    Del-Mart Hand Pour Stick Molds 4.25 & 5.25

    Molds are still available. Thanks
  2. Pop

    Poured Spinner & Buzz Baits

    Have poured 1/4 spinner baits and buzz baits and poured 1/8 spinner baits. Did not count, If there are less than 200 will refund .25 each for difference. All over 200 your bonus.
  3. Pop

    Iron Mike

    Members 4 posts 0 warning points Posted Today, 09:32 PM Ok, tore one apart today and still not sure of all material, but; here is my opinion and the opinion of the gentleman at the fly shop. The hook is a nymph size 8, 3XL The tail is Maribou and Mallard, Rib-micro green flashabou, Body-LarvaLace, Under Wing and Over Wing of mallard, Collar is Micro Flashabou and ofcourse a black bead head. White thread is used for tying. The under wing and over wing are from the same feather. The maribou seems to be tied in almost to the bead head. This gives the fly some bulk. I think this streamer will do a good job. Thanks for everyone's help. Feed back is appreciated.
  4. Pop

    Iron Mike

    That is the one.
  5. Pop

    Iron Mike

    Saw a fly today that is sold by Crazy Legz, it is call the "Iron Mike". The clerk in the fly shop and myself could not figure how it was tied. Does anyone know how to ty this fly? Looks like a great fly for either trout or crappie. Thanks, Pop
  6. 7 Cavity each. Used very little, less than 12 times. Email: mrjohn@epix.net
  7. Pop

    Wine Color Powder Paint

    Can anyone recommend a Wine color powder paint? Thanks, Pop
  8. Pop

    Smiling Bills Aka Hot Lips

    Makes sense if I don't do too many, to file off the eyes. I'll wait and see how many I get into and if I start doing any quantity, I'll fill in the eyes. Pop
  9. I want to pour some of these jigs but don't want the eyes that are in the mold. I can only think of 2 ways to eliminate them. One would be to fill in the small holes in the mold that make the eyes but can't decide the best material, or to file off the eyes after they are poured. For those who pour these jigs, and eliminate the eyes, what do you do to accomplish this. Thanks for your help. Pop
  10. Pop

    Best Price On Mustad 32786 Jig Hooks?

    Hope I am not breaking any site rules. I am not into spinnerbaits but have a number of poured spinnerbaits (I'd need to check quanity and size) that have been laying around. Also I have Mustad 32786BLN size 3/0, Eagle Claw L255M size 2/0, and 3/0 all in boxes of 1,000. Probably some of the hooks have been removed but does not appear to be many removed. I'd like to get rid of all. Pop
  11. Pop

    Grinding Your Own Salt

    Does anyone use popcorn salt? Pop
  12. Pop

    Weighted Hook Mold

    Thanks, appreciate the feed back. Pop
  13. Pop

    Weighted Hook Mold

    Thanks Mark. I've noticed that the weighted hooks I have purchased are all flat eye hooks, that is why I asked the question. Is there a reason why flat eye hooks for weighted hooks might be better? I have also noted that the weight is further forward at the bend towards the eye, whereas the Do-It mold has the weight further to the rear bend. Pop
  14. Pop

    Weighted Hook Mold

    Is there a way to modify the Do-It mold for a flat eye jig hook? Pop
  15. Pop

    Weighted Hook Mold

    Does anyone make a weighted hook mold other than Do-It? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Pop