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  1. Creating an Invention

    patents can cost upwards of $7000 and you have to get an international patent too or china will rip you off which they will probably do anyway. if they think they can sell enough of your product, they will produce it anyway and take their chances. your patent lawyer should be willing to prosecute infringements. injection molding tooling is relatively expensive depending on complexity of your parts.
  2. new ideas

    the baits i've tried similar to that got tangled during the cast.
  3. White powderpaint.

    i use protec white all the time and never had any problem. i use a flow bed and put in on heavy to cover casting imperfections.
  4. Powder painting SB's

    your powder is wet if it lumps.
  5. 2 ?

    what is silicone hair? what do you do with coated wire?
  6. spinnerbait help

    i've tried them all. Sampo swivels are the only way to go. the cheap stuff is ok for rookies but when you get really tuned in to what your spinner is doing, you'll see and feel the difference.
  7. Cutting Sprue off Spinnerbait Heads

    i put my gates where the skirt covers it up and it doesn't have to be perfect.
  8. Plumber's Lead

    Cad what head design are you using? i've tried several and with soft lead, they've all wallered out where the wire enters the head after you catch a fish or 2. thanks.
  9. Will this melt lead

    yes, that's what i use. i even put a spout and plunger in mine just like the little LEE pots. all the trash floats and nothing but clean stuff comes out the bottom.
  10. Plumber's Lead

    i thought plumber's lead was pure lead and very soft. i don't like soft lead for spinnerbaits. it lets the wire get loose in the head. use wheel weights.
  11. crankbait foam

    where's the best place to get the foam material to mold crankbait bodies? thanks
  12. spinnerbait question

    i've seen those made by cutting the wire just above the bend and crimping the cable onto it with a metal sleeve. don't waste your time. the cable bends too easy and let's the bait get hung up and it's too limber to transfer the blade vibration to your line. it's even worse than titanium.
  13. Warrior Jigs

    nice jig. where do you get that skirt material? thanks
  14. Trouble with Buzzbaits.

    all single blade buzzbaits run to one side or the other depending on blade rotation. you may alter this to some degree by bending the wire but it will still try to run to side. double blade buzzbaits with counter rotating blades will run straight.
  15. Centrifugal Molds

    most of the problems were mis-alignment, excessive pressure, and parting line leakage. one bait would be thinner than the next. maybe the guy i was watching didn't make his molds right or didn't have the machine setup right. he also got a crud(not lead) buildup on the molds that had to be scraped off. he was the top molder in our area so i figured he knew what he was doing.