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  1. whittler

    8 19 2012 PVC Rapala DT Profile 003

    Excellent work Ben, looks like it should respond as expected.
  2. whittler


    Finally finished the Striper and got it on the mount, pretty happy with this one.
  3. whittler

    6" Sailfish Replica

    Carved this 6" Sailfish, not going fishing for it but always wanted one on the wall.
  4. whittler

    850 Flatshad

    Beautiful work. Your still the man to beat hope some day to catch up.
  5. whittler

    Finished & painted, finally.

    Thanks guys, glad you approve. Takes about 5hrs. from the bandsawed blank till the carving is ready to seal and paint.
  6. whittler

    Finished & painted, finally.

    Painted at last, just have to figure out a good mount for it.
  7. whittler

    Unfinished 7" Striper carving

    This is the initial carving of a 7" Stripper.
  8. I don't know what to call it either but I like it.
  9. whittler

    Moisture Cured Urethanes

    I have almost 2 full quarts of Target Coatings, EM9000 and Em9300 that I would gladly give to any baitmaker who wants it to try. The cavet is, with $3.50 per gallon for gas you would have to live within 2 miles of me to even make it worthwhile, unless you are doing a gymn floor or furniture. On their website the stuff is wonderful but on any anything that gets near water not so much. At a little over $30 a quart it is not worth the price of shipping. Stick with the epoxies or DN.
  10. whittler

    When Did You Make Your First Bait?

    Well over 50 years ago when I carved my first bait. My father used to carve his own topwater baits and I guess it and my love for fishing just carried over. I have been woodcarving most of my life but only started seriously making crankbaits about 10 years ago, decoys, birds and caricatures comprised most of my carvings for a lot of years. Yesterday posted a couple replica fish carvings in gallery, hard bait section.
  11. whittler


    6" Bass replica, carved from basswood, what else?
  12. whittler

    bluefin tuna

    6" Bluefin tuna replica carving.
  13. whittler


    Took a break from crank building and just got back to carving some replicas. 7" bonefish
  14. whittler

    Cutting Drill Bits?

    Spring pins are an easy solution, you can find them in hardware and automotive stores.